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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ElectricPlatypus, Oct 10, 2011.

  1. I didn't want to bump an ancient thread in the main forum, so I thought I'd start one here. I was having a mini-Mumba-thon today, listened to "Isn't It Strange" and "Believe In Me". I'm not sure why, but there was just something about Samantha that I really liked. Her music wasn't cutting edge or anything, but it was solid pop. It's been a while since I've heard any mumblings about her. Anyone have the latest on Miss Mumba?
  2. I didn't like the song that "flopped" at number 4 anyway, but it's a shame everything just ground to a halt. Always Come Back To Your Love was my favourite. I think it's that Martine McCutcheon syndrome where the act thinks they are too big to do certain things and waits too long for things to happen (that don't) and are left doing yoghurt adverts and releasing singles with AATW.
  3. Gotta Tell You is of my favorite songs of all time. I felt as if Samantha's artistry wasnt anything unique but it was always pleasant. She never tried to be that shining difference in pop, she just was pop in general and that was good enough. I still don't understand why she vanished.
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  4. "Gotta Tell You", "Come On Over (This Is Our Night)" and "Always Come Back To Your Love" are all great songs. I love "Don't Need You To" and her version of "Lately" as well. Actually I love "What's It Gonna Be" as well. I liked her growly voice.

    Now I'm remembering that song "Supergirl" by Krystal Harris. I really wonder what happened to her, she could sing her ass off.
  5. 'Come on Over (This Is Our Night)' is one of the best teenpop songs of all time.

    I am addicted to it like crack!
  6. MC


    Electic Platypus - Samantha is doing panto this Christmas in Dublin - "Robinson Crusoe" , in the Gaeity Theatre. She's playing Girl Friday.

    Undisco Me - Are you thinking of "I'm Right Here"? It got to number 5. Still not a flop though. I wonder why the second album never got released - didn't she say something about it on The Late Late Show?
  7. How did her career go nowhere? Wasn't she releasing her brother as a rapper, they did a movie with Steven Spielberg and then...nothing?!
  8. Her disappearance always baffled me. A #5 single isn't that huge of a flop and I can't imagine why a second single was released before the canceling the album. Although, the album lacks anything as instant as I'm Right Here and if the rumored-to-be next single, You're My Boo was indeed the plan - things probably still would have ended up the same way for her. I don't get why a label didn't sign her. She had two U.S. hits and six in the UK, without any real "flop". Jamelia scored a hit with DJ, which was offered to Samantha - could that have saved her?
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    Gotta Tell You 2008 did get released - it just charted very lowly! Outside the top 100!
  10. "I'm Right Here" made the top 5, but it spent only 4 weeks in the top 75, that's why her album was shelved & she got dropped (well one of the main reasons).

    Her album is pretty good, she's not a great singer, pretty terrible live singer at times, but she made a good album.

    Shame her work ethic is that of a corpse, otherwise her career might not of gone down the shitter.

    Lazy, spoilt brat.
  11. Didn't she become very diva-ish and stand people up on GMTV and what-not?
  12. vasilios

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    Always Come Back To Your Love is one of the best singles ever.
    Her debut album was solid. I loved the shelved one as well.

    Who remembers her amazing Smash Hits Poll Party 2000 performance, where the previous acts' song (Sonique's Sky) started instead of Gotta Tell You?

  13. MC


    According to, "I'm Right Here" spent 8 weeks in the top 75.
  14. I found her Christmas EP the other day, it's really very nice. The girl should've got much further. She wasnt even too bad at acting really, I qute liked The Time Machine.
  15. Is that the movie where the moon exploded?

    I watched a few videos on Youtube of her Disney special, she had great pop songs.
  16. Demon Panda

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  17. I remember watching Samantha's Disney Channel concert special with Aaron Carter. I thought she was so beautiful, and 'Baby, Come Over (This Is Our Night)' was amazing.
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  18. I loved Body II Body. Such a tune
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