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Samantha Mumba

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ElectricPlatypus, Oct 10, 2011.

  1. Typical really. I have the US album so have always been used to the mixes/versions on that. Years later I got the UK album and couldn't believe how awful Baby Come On Over sounded! And no Don't Need You (To Tell Me I'm Pretty)?? Keep it.
  2. I think Personalities would have done well if released in 2007 as planned. I'm still not sure if it's really produced by Timbaland/Danja or if that was a myth.

    The other songs on her Myspace (kii) at the time though sounded generic beyond belief. Even for 2007.

  3. Didn't she reject 'Sound Of The Underground' I mean that was the best pop song of the noughties so if you are turning down songs like that then where do you expect to go from there?
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  4. Yep and DJ by Jamelia allegedly.
  5. These could well be 'we emailed her team the song and never heard back' issues.
  6. I adore Sam and wish she had given us more, but Sound Of The Underground found its home.
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  7. By the time they released the album in the US the UK version had been out for a while so I assume 'Don't Need You...' And the other extras were newly recorded for that version, along with the single mixes of the songs already released. They did eventually re-release the album in the UK with he same version as what the US got.

    I think I prefer the re-release too although some of the tracks on the UK version were missed off which is a shame (namely 'Believe in Me'). Plus the original album cover was much better.
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  9. Oh my, the old PJ boards are always a laugh.
  10. K94


  11. Mumba Vs Jamelia for 2020.
  12. They both should be making music still.
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  13. Everything Sam makes is at least good. I watched Sam cook a pigeon on Ireland Celebrity Masterchef and even it looked serviceable.
  14. The Boy, featuring her Brother was a little misjudged, right? I mean, she's singing about boys and boyfriends and her little brother comes in rapping about girls... It's just weird.
  15. I remember my friend was really impressed she had Will.I.Am on her record. I could have seen that version as a single.
  16. Omero's rap on The Boy is iconic.
  17. Omero and Buffalo G were iconic.
  18. What the hell is going on with her vevo? Did Louis Walsh destroy the master tapes?
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