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Samantha Mumba

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ElectricPlatypus, Oct 10, 2011.

  1. It's a fake Vevo and some of her videos are blocked by YouTube so they have to be edited/sped up to pass the block
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  2. Thought as much. Sad there isn't a real one.
  3. Just came across this song which is the same song as Samantha's song 'Angel' from around 2007. Samantha's never leaked in full though!

    *edit* turns out Jhené recorded it back in the day too!

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  4. When I saw Queen Mumba's thread in the main P&J forum rather than comeback corner, I thought the good sis had finally announced her new album.

    It'll be soon though, got to be got to be.

    Edit: just realised I am in Comeback Corner so perhaps not.
  5. How many glasses?
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  6. We're talking bottles now, tbh.
  7. I love the constant state of hope you live in, @Robsolete. Such optimism.
  8. I'll never give up hope. Even when I'm 90 and in a care home, I'll still be asking the nurses if Samantha Mumba finally dropped her second album.
  9. Just don't think your SamMumba in the Gotta Tell You video and go somersaulting off the care home roof. (What a way to die though).
  10. "Gotta Tell You" started playing in the grocery store today.
    I was like
    Get that Hawaiian Safeway coin Queen Mumba.
  11. I'm finally hearing songs from her second album on YouTube. I know "Shuttin" You Down" is Bloodshy & Avant -- and, I love it -- I forgot which other tracks were Bloodshy & Avant. Ugh, I wish it were released; I love Samantha Mumba and Bloodshy & Avant so much!
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  12. Prepared ha for Rita
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  13. Had a moment to Always Come Back to Your Love today. Gorgeous.
  14. Branded with a Kiss from the leaked second album is so gorgeous.
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  15. Yes, it's great. I can't believe her label didn't release the album and just gave up on her. It's not like "I'm Right Here" flopped. They should have at least tried a follow-up single.
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  16. Always Come Back To Your Love is such a bop.
  17. Something weird must have gone down. I still listen to her material and wonder what could have been. She had very distinct diction and tone and while she always looked a bit bored when she performed live that could have improved with time. Major bummer but I forever stan La Mumba.
  18. Brb, booking flights to Dublin.
  19. *Rita Ora
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