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Samantha Mumba

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ElectricPlatypus, Oct 10, 2011.

  1. Ddd I spelled it as Tounge first, I was excited god dammit!.
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  2. Sam, Nadine, and B*Witched should do an Irish girls of pop tour. And I should win the lottery so I could attend it.

    SamDine (Nadantha?) would be an orgasmic pop duo (not that Nadine or Sam needs anyone to lean on).
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  3. We can add Six perfoming their hit single Theres A Whole Lot Of Loving.
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  4. And that Do You Love Me Boy chick
  5. Rob


    ITV2 should really commission a new series of The Big Reunion but call it The Big Comeback. Get all our fave solo pop flops from the early 00's back together for a tour and give the gays everything they want.
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  6. What a bawp.
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  7. Do we know anything else about this?
  8. I heard through the grapevine that the song sounds like 'classic MNEK straight out of 2003'.
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    ...MNEK was 9 years old in 2003.
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  10. Still a legend even then.
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  11. She’s just posted a pic with #newalbum
  12. Keri Ann, I believe.
  13. Wasn’t there something that Davina McCall did that was similar to this? Michelle Gayle won it?
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  15. She is so humble. I’m not familiar with how streaming works, but 4M streams of one albums worth of songs seems ok. Good to see she has confirmed new music for 2019. Do we know if she’s independent or signed?
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