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Samantha Mumba

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ElectricPlatypus, Oct 10, 2011.

  1. Thanks for sharing. I love cooking shows and Samantha--will definitely be checking this out.
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  2. It's 2017 and Samantha Mumba's album sounds as good in my AirBnB today as it did in my bedroom at 15.
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  3. Just downloaded all the singles after reading this thread- money well spent!
  4. For a debut pop album this was surprisingly a strong record. Each single was at least an 8/10.

    I still return to this album on occasion and always enjoy it. The single edits of Baby Come on Over and Always Come Back to Your Love were perfect too.

    I did prefer the album cover on the original release though rather than the rerelease yellow but still... I have both versions so can't moan. The extra tracks on both are solid too. Apart from that one with her brother which is a bit weird.
  5. She also had great b-sides. Downloading half of them over 4 days via Napster was so rewarding.
  6. She's perfect and the album is perfect.

    I love mah obnoxious Irish queen.
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  7. I loved this album back then and love it now. I always knew the yellow cover, so I am partial to that one. I'm Right Here and the b-side Sensuality are bops worthy of the first album as well!
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  8. I Don't Need You To Tell Me I'm Pretty was my first 'fuckbuddy only wants to fuck twice per day'-blues sad jam back then.
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  9. What were the b-sides?
  10. They were all put on "The Collection". I think the only b-side/bonus track that was left off was Stand By Your Side from the UK Special Edition.

    B-sides: Where Does It End Now, Can It Be Love, and The Way It Makes You Feel.

    But there were so many editions of the album, I'm not quite sure what was never on the album.
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  11. Oh cool. I didn't get the collection, maybe I need to invest if the B-sides are any good.

    I might have one of them I'd need to check
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  12. I'd get The Collection, for sure! It leaves off the other I'm Right Here b-side Wish Upon a Star, Ready My Mind from The Guru soundtrack, and Blue Moon from Greasemania, but otherwise is pretty inclusive. Get it for I'm Right Here and Sensuality alone!
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  13. All bops

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  14. Mine was Jennifer Paige, Sober.

    Always Come Back To Your Love was my jam for ages in 2000/ 2001.
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  15. Are the b-sides on iTunes?
  16. It was the anthem I gifted to my best friend whose mother always called her a "fat c*nt" that somehow managed to insult her more than the aforementioned maternal shaming.

    Something nice about Samantha's music is she sang in a register low enough that a male could comfortably sing along without sounding ridiculous. "What's It Gonna Be" is still one of my finest vocal performances.
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  17. Nnnñ when I saw her at the Smash Hits 2000 Poll Winners she was on after Sonique and the sound person started Feels So Good again instead of Gotta Tell You. They covered it quickly though, dunno if it was broadcasted.
  18. It's all the wrong versions of the singles on too though
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  19. Stand By Your Side came up on my (recently updated) gym playlist today and I lived! I'd forgotten what an amazing song it was, that middle-eight/key change moment, a work of genius! Should have been a single!
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