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Sandra (again)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Rooneyboy, May 30, 2016.

  1. Had to post this - had a few Sandra posts but for those who aren't aware of her awesomeness ... this was one of her (many) amazings songs
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  2. Youtube auto played this for me a few weeks ago and I thought it was instantly catchy;
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  3. Maria Magdelena is amazing, outsold most of her 80's female rivals too at the time. Number 1 in around 17 countries around the world.
  4. Any fan of Sandra must buy Stay In Touch, her 2012 Blank-And-Jones-produced album that sounds like it was genuinely recorded in the mid 80s! And it's one of her best albums!

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  5. The first Sandra song I got into was 'Around My Heart', which appeared on a German various artists promo VHS compilation I picked up 10 years ago.

    Then someone sent me '(I'll Never Be) Maria Magdalena' on DVD. That was enough for me to want to investigate more of her stuff. I bought her DVD with all the videos on it.

    'In the Heat of the Night' and 'Secret Land' are my faves.
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  6. What about her version of Big In Japan, which you can only find on that DVD?
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  7. In the early 2000's when there was this trend of punk and metal bands covering 80's classic, Finnish band To Die For filled the Sandra quota of that list with this 2000 cover of In The Heat Of The Night.

  8. "Japan Ist Weit" is included on The Very Best Of Sandra which comes out in June (as well as the b-side "Sekunden"). The deluxe version includes two CD's and a DVD with all her music videos.

    I have all of Sandra's albums and CD singles - her overall discography is really quite good. Her first three albums, as well as Close To Seven, The Art Of Love and Stay In Touch are a must!
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  9. I've just been listening to "Close To Seven" for the first time today - fab album. I'm also really enjoying the "Platinum Collection" album too. Two thumbs up from me.
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  10. Her Arabesque era (1979 - 1984) isn't bad either. I love the 80's synth tracks that followed after the Disco phase.
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  11. One of my favourite Sandra songs In The Heat Of The Night had a new remix released last week. It's called the Tropical Future Remix but don't let that put you off, it's amazing! It's so new it's not on Youtube but it's a really fresh summery twist on an 80s classic.
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  12. I just got that on iTunes actually! It's similar artwork to the upcoming best of so I'm guessing that's getting a digital release too - anyone know?
  13. WHATWHATWHAT!!!! OMG thanks for telling me, I had no idea, honestly I'm amazed at the amount of best-of she has, I never thought we'd see another one so soon after the Platinum Collection and to finally have Japan Ist Weit on CD! Now I'm only missing an official cd appearance of Andy Mein Freund / Ich Bin Nur Ein Kind!!!
    Needless to say am ordering both versions right now.
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  14. The tracks on this new Best Of were selected by fans - there is a website where fans could choose their selections:

    It would have been great to have Andy and Ich Bin... included as well - but I am thrilled to finally have Japan Ist Weit and Sekunden.

    I recently bought three double Arabesque CD's that include pretty much every song they recorded (even some hit medleys). They are called Best Of Vol 1, 2 and 3. There have been some amazing Arabesque CDs, boxes and LP's coming out in Japan but this was a very affordable way to get all their recordings.

    I hope Sandra will release a new album soon - her last one was amazing! In the meantime, I wait for both copies of this new compilation to arrive in the mail...
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  15. I remember in 2011 Sandra said she was gonna release two albums, the 80's throwback (which turned out to be "Stay in Touch") and a new modern Pop album. I always wondered why that never came out, "Back to Life" was half-decent. I do think most of her songs from the 2000's onwards are hard to listen to because her voice is completely shattered to bits.
  16. But Stay In Touch sounds exactly like it used to be (aka impossible to understand lyrics but still totally her old voice).
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  17. I bought those Arabesque CDs immediately, as indeed they include all their albums, scattered about, and the live album. There are really some great songs in there, and actually the ones I like the best are non-Sandra ones.

    Where does Sekunden come from?
  18. How many videos are on her new greatest hits DVD? I'm a sucker for an 80s music video collection.
  19. I bought this one in 2007:

    Damn, I didn't even realise 'Japan Ist Weit' was on it (though I didn't know the Alphaville song when I got it).

    I can't watch the 'Johnny Wanna Live' video though.
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