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Sandra (again)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Rooneyboy, May 30, 2016.

  1. I've recently discovered Sandra and I like what I hear.

    I notice that she's got a few different compilations to choose one. Which one would be best in terms of content (the most hits, single versions, any rare tracks, mixes). I saw on Amazon a 3-disc set called The Platinum Collection. I'm just wondering if that would be the best place to start or whether another compilation might have more to offer?
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  2. The Platinum Collection is very good, especially the 3 disc version.

    The Very Best Of Sandra (released in 2016) is also excellent.
    It's a little more fan orientated, with some album tracks and rarities included. It also includes tracks from her excellent Stay In Touch album (released after The Platinum Collection).
    The regular version is 2CD but here is also a 3 disc deluxe edition that includes a DVD with all the music videos.

    I would say that the Platinum Collection is a very good start for someone getting into Sandra┬┤s music. It includes all her singles in chronological order, except for her cover of Alphaville┬┤s Big In Japan (Japan Ist Weit) . But I also highly recommend The Very Best Of.
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  3. I would also recommend 'The Platinum Collection', if you like it you can pick up 'Stay in Touch' as well...
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  4. Sandra has so many great album tracks. I will never tire of this one:

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  5. Into a Secret Land is an amazing album, not one filler. Every song on it was a potential hit.
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  6. I'm doing a little Sandra Marathon this week and I was trying to figure out on which songs they used a vinyl source for the Blank & Jones compil.
    What's your opinion on this ?

    Maria Magdalena (Extended Version) => master, probably sourced from this :

    In The Heat Of The Night (Extended Version) => i'd say master.

    Little Girl (Extended Version) => master probably sourced from this :

    Innocent Love (Extended Version) => I'd say Vinyl.

    Hi! Hi! Hi! (Extended Version) => Master probably sourced from this :

    Midnight Man (Extended Version) => master probably sourced here :

    Everlasting Love (Extended Version) => master probably sourced here :

    Stop For A Minute (Extended Version) => I'd say Vinyl.

    Heaven Can Wait (Extended Version) => exists on CD here :

    Secret Land (Reverse Mix) => exists on CD here :

    We'll Be Together (Extended Version) => exists on CD here :

    Around My Heart (Extended Version) => exists on CD here :

    In The Heat Of The Night (Extended UK Mix) => master probably sourced from this :

    Heaven Can Wait (US Remix) => exists on CD here :

    Party Games => I'd say master

    Secret Land (M.I.D. DJ Mix)
    Innocent Theme
    Heaven's Theme
    Into Nobody's Land
    All these are from vinyl rips eventhough though Heaven's theme exists on a very rare CD. Sometimes the end is shortened to hide the surface noise

    It Means Forever => exists on CD here :

    Around My Drums => exists on CD here :

    Heaven Can Wait (Dub Mix) => exists on CD here :

    Secret Land (Dub Mix) => exists on CD here :

    We'll Be Together (Dub Version) => exists on CD here :
    Hiroshima (Dub Mix) => exists on CD here :
    Everlasting Love (PWL 7" Mix, 12'' mix and Dub) => exists on CD here :
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  7. You're right and this compilation came out before B&J's. But the sound, as I heard, is very compressed.
    B&J did very good even for vinyl rips they sound excellent. My only regret is that some of them are shortened.
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  8. Deluxe Editions for her first three albums would be the best thing ever. I have a feeling Cretu is the type of perfectionist who still has all takes, stems, masters in pristine condition in his archives.
    He did use all of Sandra's original 80's vocal takes (or am I mistaken there?) for the 2007 remix compilation "Reflections".

    Speaking of, this isn't half bad really.
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  9. He did yeah. I heard a story once that when they sent the tracks to PWL for Everlasting Love, they were furious because PWL lost them after doing the mix. Don't know if it's true because PWL seemed very precautious too.
    I would loooove Deluxe reissues for Sandra with unheard mixes.
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  10. Supposedly the reason for the re-recored vocals of Everlasting Love on Reflections was exactly this - the original vocals were lost.
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