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Sandra (again)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Rooneyboy, May 30, 2016.

  1. Wiki says The Long Play sold 100,000 in Greece? Unless some Lil Girlie is messing this is huge? People would just pirate everything here back then.
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  2. Yeah that’s amazing if it’s correct! Go Sandy!
  3. Maria Magdalena was the national anthem of Greece for years so.
  4. Her only UK Entries were

    Maria Magdelena - Number 87
    Everlasting Love - Number 88
    Everlasting Love (PWL mix) - Number 45 (spending 7 weeks in the chart)
    Heaven Can Wait - Number 97
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  5. UK is not her market. Not even with Maria Magdalena (#91 / #87) which it had a popular success in Europe. She tried to reach the UK market several times: working with PWL (#45), promoting over there and her videos were played in the MTV videoplay in the 80s and 90s. But she haven't an hit single or album in the UK.

    Her main success, and the reason why she is still remembered, is thanks to the success she had with Maria Magdalena and some others in the european radio airplay. The only exceptions are Germany and Russia where her career was consolidated.
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  6. Everlasting Love (PWL Remix) really should have been another summer Top 10 hit in the UK like Spagna and Sabrina (what was it with all those European pop girls with names beginning in S and ending in A being amazing?)
  7. Like Sonia

    It's a great remix. Or almost an appearance in TOTP.
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  8. Pedant alert! The PWL mix ended up spending 12 weeks on the chart over 2 separate runs, so it probably sold a reasonable amount. First run was for 4 weeks starting in June '88 were it peaked at an unjust #79. It was reissued in December after being featured on The Hitman and Her, spending a further 8 weeks on the chart and eventually peaking at #45 in January '89.

    Like Maria Magdelena, it deserved to do better.
  9. Yes it sold easily enough to get into the Top 40 most weeks of the year.
    Her main issues were that Smash Hits only had her feature once and stated how Maria Magdelena
    wasn't very good, and Radio 1 refused to play her records.
    Without the support of either of those outlets she struggled, I was always gutted how she didn't make
    the UK top 40 as a solo artist.
  10. Back then (1985) anything non UK or non US seemed naff to Smash Hits. I was so brainwashed by that that I was bopping to Sabrina's Boys a full year before admitting to myself it was a banger the second it entered the UK chart dd. A dramatic messy fickle baby gay.
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  11. Hahahaha!

    I'm from the UK but went to school in Germany on and off in the 80s. In 1985 Maria Magdalena was such as HUGE hit when I was there, and in subsequent years she just became bigger and bigger (everyone was calling her Germany's Madonna) - and I became a huge fan.

    Sadly there was still quite a lot of negativity towards Germany back then from the UK, so it was always going to be very hard work to make a German singer popular there. And, as Patriku said, Sandra the name had negative connotations at the time. Even one of the Fat Slags was called Sandra.... My own mother even said to me 'Who would call a pop star Sandra?'.

    I guess that's why there aren't many pop stars called Karen at the moment (waits a few seconds to be proven wrong)....
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  12. I honestly don't think her name is one of the reasons she hadn't success in countries like UK, it has no sense for me. We have Sonia (which was #1) or Sinitta (few Top10's) and they're also very unglamorous names.

    The main reason is the UK market in particular was saturated at that time with female pop solo artists with the same profile.
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  13. Sinitta was a glamorous name! And Sonia at the time hadn’t yet been associated with Sonia from East Enders so that was fine. Sandra is an inescapably drab name over here. It’s like calling a pop star Sharon. By the way I’m a huge fan !
  14. Having "Stay in Touch" celebrate its tenth (!) anniversary this year is mind boggling to me. Where did all the time go?

    We truly need a proper remaster of her first three albums, the Sandra Trilogy.
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  15. I might mis-recollect but I remember the No1 or Smash Hits review which concluded, 'Sandra says she will never be Maria Magdelena, which is another name for Madonna. Correct, you never will be'. Relatively savage.
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  17. Correct, it was the one and only time she featured in Smash Hits.
    I hated Smash Hits for that.
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  18. A while back I reread some Smash Hits copies from 1986 - 1990 and the amount of snarky, bitchy, downright offensive reviews and articles they had sometimes bordering on almost racist and misogynistic... I bet a % of Daily Mail comments are former Smash Hits huns.

    Even Sylvia Patterson admits to them being horrible to Milli Vanilli and taking the mick for not speaking good english.

    On the plus side, a greek like me is using 'taking the mick'.
  19. You are Stavros and I claim my 6.75 euros.
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  20. She was big in South Africa when I was growing up. I remember Into a Secret Land was one of the first vinyls I ever bought (after Kylie and Runaway Horses). Even as a baby gay I clearly had impeccable taste.
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