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Sandra Bernhard - Excuses For Bad Behaviour Part 1

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ysaferrer, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. This album is an absolute masterpiece but went more or less un-noticed back in 1995 - I love her version of 'You Make Me Feel Mighty Real' and the last song 'The Woman I Could Have Been' is a beautiful half spoken ballad.

  2. Mmmmm. I bought this a while back and I'm not that keen. She's great but the whole thing comes of a bit pretentious to me.

    I remember seeing her live at Heaven when 'You Make Me Feel' came out (1994?) And she was amazing.

    Love the eoman but the records not for me.

    Having said that I'm going to play it now whilst I alphabetise my CD collection. Will get back to you with any further thoughts.
  3. I really liked - and still like! - this album. There's a lot of songs on there that I think are genuinely good, and the spoken interludes make me laugh (although that's possibly partly because I remember thinking they were hysterically funny when I was sixteen).

    Didn't Andy Bell remix You Make Me Feel for the single release? I have the CD single knocking about somewhere too.

    I was always slightly annoyed she didn't make more 'proper' music - her live show releases with songs interspersed never really did it for me. But then her return to pure music with the Whatever it Takes album a couple of years ago was pretty wretched.
  4. I love this album too. I love her. I have all her CDs, including some rare full shows which never got a release and promos and rare stuff. Excuses... Part 1 has some very touching moments, see Lonely Town, which really evokes a meloancholy mood in me. I still listen to it regularly... she actually had a full album of music before this, I'm Your Woman, which is quite Prince influenced. It's not half bad. You can get the CD from her webstore but it's a vinyl transfer (never released on CD).

    Her live cover of Madonna's Justify My Love is hilarious ("I wanna rim you in Rome") and she's also done a cover of Kylie's Can't Get You Out Of My Head...

    She did a great track for PETA called Undressed, which was released on a CD single along with an exclusive Prince track. I was over the moon to find a copy on eBay about 9 years back.

    She also has a fab camp club track which is tagged on the end of her (best) live album, I'm Still Here... Damn It. Unfortunately, I can't find that version online, but it's called Runway.

    And here she is taking the piss out of Madonna for 2 and a half minutes...

    She's working on a musical with Justin Bond (Kiki & Herb) and I think Jake Sheers from Scissor Sisters is involved too. I've seen her live a few times, a true character.
  5. I too tend to buy all of her output, and this is one I hardly ever reach for, although You Make Me Feel was amazing. (But I still prefer the version with the dialogue on Without You I'm Nothing.) If I'm absolutely honest, I mostly feel like I just tolerate her musical projects/moments. Whenever there's a whole album of mostly music I tend to just buy it out of obligation, but really I'm just wishing it was another stand-up album. I far prefer Part 2 to Part 1.
  6. Listen to it this afternoon and my first observations were right.

    There's a good album in there somewhere if she'd only stop fucking talking.

    Every song is ruined by some spoken interlude.

    Having said that 'The Letter' is the best thing on the whole record.
  7. I bought this album for You Make Me Feel and even saw her concert when she promoted it. However, this album doesn't really stand the test of time. I remember the cd single for YMMF had this spoken word club track on it. I just remember her talking to some 'bridge and tunnel' guy that he was 'tired, played out, yesterday's news'.

    Her stand-up cd, I'm Still Here...Dammit had the song Runway on there. That cd is amazing.
  8. The irony being 'The Letter' is her reading a (mock) letter from a fan complaining that she's singing and not saying anything, and you're complaining of the opposite!

    The USA CD single had 'Phone Sex (The Floor Sex Mix)' on ("Hey you, yeah you... you fucking scumbag!") but it wasn't on the UK single for some reason.
  9. I know, that made me laugh as I listened.

    I suppose the point is that I want talking at a comedy show and singing on an album not a mish mash combo.

    I wouldn't actually mind if the talking on the record was funny like 'The Letter' but it's just 6th form poetry shoehorned into the middle of songs for no apparent reason.
  10. That's why I like it. It's quite avant garde at times, she's never been laugh out loud funny, more of a cult or acquired taste. It's not a comedy album. I don't think she's a comedian. I like that she mashes things up and goes from a crass sexual reference ("Why would I want a tit fuck? What's in it for me?"), to a touching torch ballad about being lonely, to a skit about Jewish non-Christmas, and a stylish partytime cover of 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover. I like it's eclecticness... it's almost a vanity record, a record for the sake of making a record, it reminds me of Ingrid Chavez and Naomi Campbell's albums in places, a dash of cabaret, 90s club sounds and very feminine. It's certainly not a brilliant record, but it's definitely warm and interesting. A curio, a fad, an expression from a very interesting female voice.
  11. I must say I do find her 'laugh out loud' funny in that particular North American way. I've read her books and I'm fond of them - I find her highly intelligent, insightful, warm and funny. I think people get put off by the 'brash 'n bitchy' image but I don't think that's really her at all. There are some tracks on the live albums which I got via her website about her childhood and her mother and father in particular which are quite touching.

    There's one song which maybe about the whole Madonna thing called 'Next Time' on 'Hero Worship' and although she is being quite tongue and cheek and she is being smart assed it is quite a lovely song in an 'after the affair' way.
  13. She isn't being entirely serious... it's an act. She's actually 'friends' with her. Apparently...
  14. I don't think any of us can know the truth, I don't really feel I need to but I hope that the song isn't some kind of in-joke, it does sound fairly honest to these somewhat jaded ears!
  15. Oh, it's not the truth, no way. I've spoken to several people who have seen her over the years and she often changes the name to suit the period. She's rehashed that Fleetwood Mac roadside cafe sketch so many times. She's gone on her own, with Chrissie Hynde, with Britney Spears... she just pokes fun. She has to change it up for the UK as a lot of her stuff is about US stars we're not so into/up on. I actually had to look Tammy Faye Messner up. Didn't have a clue who she was! Perhaps there's a grain of truth in there but a lot of her stuff is off the cuff I reckon.
  16. I played 'I'm Still Here Damn It!' today on the way home from work - so funny.
  17. Played 'Excuses..........' for the first time in a long time today, still love it.

    'Little Red Corvette' from 'Without You I'm Nothing' sounds particularly poignant...... name checking Apollonia 6, Vanity , Sheila E, Wendy & Lisa to all that The Glamourous Life implies......with Tori Amos on backing vocals.

    Has anybody got the Without You I'm Nothing promo with 'Stevie Nicks' on it?
  18. I have that, yes. It's just an edit of The Women Of Rock N Roll, which of course discusses Stevie Nicks.
  19. Thanks Anfunny! Good to know I'm not missing out.
  20. I was obsessed with this album in the winter of '94. I couldn't get enough of it (I think I had it on cassette even then!). "You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)" blew me away. I also loved "Who Knew?", "Phone Sex" and her covers of "Sympathy for the Devil" and "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover".
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