Santa Clarita Diet

I'm very excited for this. Concept sounds incredible, but trailer is a bit too 'iZombie meets Weeds' for me. Have high hopes.
I wish Netflix had just revived Better Off Ted instead (much as I wish Jessica Jones had actually been Shitagi Nashi) but I do like Fresco's sensibility. I think it'll be a fun weekend binge.
I originally thought it was about cannibals, and I was a bit disappointed to find out it's actually about a zombie.
Funny, I think the concept is inane, but the execution actually looks decent.

Olyphant and Barrymore look like they're having a lot of fun.
Have never rated Barrymore as an actress (way more charm than talent) but this looks very interesting... and Netflix have not made many stinkers so far.

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Ooh this looks potentially good, I'm looking forward to it.


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Drew Barrymore isn't particularly a great actress but she's cute and charming enough in her delivery that even you can kind of enjoy a technically bad movie with her in it. I'm looking forward to this.

Drew >>>>>> Cameron Diaz
I got so excited when this banner popped up on Netflix. I adore Drew and she doesn't seem to get any good roles anymore, not sure if that's down to her or not. This looks good!

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I love Drew and the trailer looks a lot of fun - looking forward to watching this.
The ending of the first episode made me holler.

Don't know if the concept is strong enough to last a full season though.
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I'm 5 episodes in and it's an absolute hoot.

The scene when Drew takes on the drug dealer. I had tears of laughter.