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Santa Clarita Diet

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by truman, Jan 17, 2017.

  1. I can't believe the second series starts nearly 14 months after the first. Piss take!
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  2. I think they weren't sure they were going to renew it so it got put on the back burner a bit.
  3. Except it got renewed, March 29, 2017 less than two months after it aired. A year later for a streaming show isn't that far fetched to be honest.
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  4. I guess you're right. My bad.
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  5. Ditto. I'm extremely excited about this second season.
  6. This ran out of steam well before the end of the first season.

    I'll make a start on the new one, but if it's not delivering in the first couple of episodes I'm out. The lesson from persevering all the way through Kimmy Schmidt's virtually laugh-free third season has been well and truly learnt.
  7. SBK


    Same. The joke got repetitive towards the end. Hopefully, they develop it a bit more.
  8. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    I binge watched the new series last night and today. Full of laughs, it’s found its rhythm and the main cast are all excellent. Do we know if a third one is confirmed yet? I want more! Wish the episodes were longer.
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  9. I'm 7 episodes in and I'm enjoying this season much more than the first. It's definitely found its voice this season and I actually really enjoy the entire ensemble now. I wish we got a bit more of the neighbors as they were a scene-stealing part of Season 1, but the new recurring characters (i.e. Joel McHale & Maggie Lawson) this season more than make up for it. I also appreciate we got some movement on how this all happened.
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  10. Omg I’ve just started this and it’s actually making me laugh.(edit: out loud)
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  11. Season 2 is so much better. Just finished watching the last episode from this season, apart from all the laughs, it's kinda moving. Hope there will be a third season.
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  12. The seasons seem so short, just as I was getting into it, it’s done.
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  13. Oh God. I have thought for the last month that this guy I talk to on Grindr was talking about an actual diet.
  14. I enjoyed this season so much that I was shocked when the ending arrived as I wanted more.
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  15. Ok I powered through with this and I’ve done a 180. It does get better and Drew is insanely watchable.
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  16. I didn’t really love the first season and only started the second season because I had nothing else to watch... I’m surprised that it’s gotten so much better and has finally found its feet. I really hope we get a renewed as I was so bummed to realize I watched the season finale without knowing it was the finale.
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  17. Just finished watching the 2nd season, and it was just as great as the first.

    I hope it gets renewed again.
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  18. I can't imagine the show is super expensive other than Drew and Timothy, and they're both executive producers meaning they have other stakes in the show getting renewed. I'm pretty confident!
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  19. I really enjoyed Season 2, hoping they do another.
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  20. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Season 2 was so much better than Season 1and I adored Season 1. The core 4 are such a strong cast together and I love whenever The Waitress drops in.
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