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Santa Clarita Diet

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by truman, Jan 17, 2017.

  1. This show does such a good job at portraying actual teenagers ( accurate as you can get portraying teenagers who find out their mom/friend’s mom is a zombie)

    The core 4 really are fantastic.
  2. I didn't like the teens at all in Season 1, but they became essential in Season 2.
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  3. The bit where the daughter keeps pretending to faint in a seizure had me in stitches
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  4. Does anyone else totally fancy Eric
  5. Not one bit. On the other hand though, Timothy Olyphant... Yes, please!
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  6. We're getting a Season 3, oh yes.
  7. Fabulous. Loved this show.
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  8. Great news! And as much as I enjoyed the first season, the second one was a step up.
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  9. I binge watched season 3 this weekend. Some it cute/fun, some of it pretty meh.

    Timothy and Drew are still superb and what kept me/will keep me watching.

    Okay, but that ending tho...
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  10. Really enjoyed the third season. I wish it was longer, though. You can bingewatch this so fast, it's done before you even know it.
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  11. I liked the third season. Though if the leads weren’t Drew and Timothy, I think it wouldn’t be as good. They have amazing chemistry and work well together.

    I really hope they get one more to wrap things up. It does go by so quickly though... I rewatched the entire series from the beginning after I finished the third one so quickly.
  12. I think so long as the ratings stay high they could go on for a while. Its only been about a month in the show time wise and lots that could now happen.

    As it can be binged so quickly, I suspect people will watch the full season rather than the first few episodes and then give up, which seems to be one way Netflix measures success.

    The only thing that annoyed me about this season was

    The Anne story line. It just wrapped up so quickly. From full on worshipper to yeah "ok I'll move on" and then she's off the show.
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  13. I watched the first episode of the first season and absolutely hated it. But like a month later something compelled me to keep going and now I absolutely love it. It’s so fun and the main cast are just all amazing. There is no weak link in the core four.
  14. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    The new season is also a blast, I laughed a lot. I was caught by surprise by how few episodes there are though!
  15. Drew Barrymore deserves awards for this show.
  16. This is easily the most bingeable show on "television"
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  17. This show is so charming and gory as hell sometimes. Timothy please do whatever you want with me.
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  18. I think I preferred season 3 to season 2. Really good fun.
  19. I need another season just so I can get more Timothy.... and Drew but mostly Timothy being a goofy loveable husband. He is just so damn attractive!

    I will say, I hated that ball thing whenever they finally showed it open it’s eyes... yuck.
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  20. Mr Ball Legs has a name!
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