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Santa Clarita Diet

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by truman, Jan 17, 2017.

  1. You. Are. Fucking. Netflix. You are a rich bitch and the whole point of your original programming is that you are building a library that will exist on your platform forever, how much of a burden would it really be to give these shows a final season? An early ‘You’re cancelled after this next ten episode renewal, make it count.”

    Netflix, you a hoe.
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  2. For fucks sake!!! Netflix is really fucking it up lately.
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  3. So annoying, I love this show.
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  4. A Netflix cancellation is so annoying in that you don’t get weekly ratings that allow you to slowly accept your fav show is going to be cancelled and you don’t have that post cancellation cushion of ‘Maybe Netflix will pick it up...”

    The body is cold upon impact.
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  5. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    I guess this is why so many of these shows force a cliff hanger ending in Season 3 to try and provoke some online buzz to convince Netflix to renew them. It's annoying though, just never feel like we get a satisfactory ending to shows like Santa Clarita Diet.
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  6. Netflix's business model of constantly fatiguing its userbase with new content while cancelling the shows that they actually have invested in is getting to be extremely annoying.
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  7. I'm shocked that this show made it as far as it did, honestly. To have Drew Berrymore and Tim Olymphant leading a series that has zero buzz three seasons in is... a waste. That said, Netflix should be in a place where they can do either shortened final seasons or movies for shows like this (like they did with Sense8).

    So many potentially great series get lost in the shuffle because it feels like they're releasing 10 new series every week and only 1 or 2 gets any attention.
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  8. Even if they said right season 3 is the last. Wrap it up. Sure it would have been rushed but we could have had some closure.
  9. I fear Glow will be the next show on the chopping block. It took them months to confirm it had been renewed for a third season and I never really got the impression it took off with a large audience. I hope they're writing the third season with the realisation that it could be the last one.
  10. I remember reading somewhere that Glow almost got cancelled after season one. Apparently Netflix had to decide between Glow and another show (I think it was GirlBoss) to renew one and cancel the other.
  11. Maybe it'll carry on as a graphic novel ha.
  12. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    I haven't watched season three yet, but god this is annoying. Either commission something for a set amount of seasons, or give them a heads up that this is going to be the last one. It's a shitty way to run a television service.

    It puts people off starting investing/watching a new series because they think "I'll wait until it's finished and binge it." So people don't watch it, so it gets cancelled quicker. Or people don't bother to start something at all because they just assume it won't last.

    I just finished watching all 4 seasons of The Last Man on Earth on Amazon Prime, I didn't realise a) that it was cancelled last year and b) it ended on a cliffhanger. Small comfort that the writers made it public what was going to happen, so at least we know, but it's just a stupid way to do things and a massive kick in the nuts to the people who make and work on these shows, and the audience, to have the plug pulled without a chance to finish the story properly. Would you sell a book with the last chapter missing?
  13. Which is so fucking stupid in this day and age when you look at how many shows got cancelled on a cliffhanger without a second thought.

    Ginny Baker from ‘Pitch’ is still stuck in that damn MRI machine three years later.
  14. You both shut your mouths!!!

    Love ya really

    ‘Glow’ is my favourite TV show on (and one of my favs ever) and I am VERY anxious about its renewal prospects.

    I think it will be fine though, yes it was almost cancelled in Season 1 but Season 2 must have done well enough to get a Season 3, plus it’s an awards magnet which most of the other shows getting cancelled aren’t and it’s produced by Jenji Kohen which hopefully Netflix wanna keep sweet.

    I can’t have another show I LOVE ripped from me in its early days, I. Can’t.
  15. That makes me pretty upset. Seems like a weird cancellation too in general. Were the two leads just asking too much cash? Drew sure has a big enough name to do so.
  16. It’s what happens after the third season for Netflix shows. Everyone gets a raise/a chance to renegotiate. I think it’s like the equivalent of what would happen back in the day after a show got to season 6.
  17. I echo the comments Netflix should give at least a heads up or a chance to end the story properly, it is a kick in the nuts to both the crew and fans that invested so much time in a project. I haven't finished season 3 and now I'm not sure I will knowing it ends on a cliff hanger.

    I'm on Netflix because it has some of my favorite shows but if they continue the disrespect to fans like this I guess I will try the Disney route. Netflix has the tools to give the fans the correct ending and keep the viewers satisfied, it's not like they are depending on ratings. It's business model centers on having more subscribers so why not go that extra mile and keep them happy with a correct ending?
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  18. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    I'm reaching the point where I might cancel Netflix for a bit - I basically just have it to keep watching Jane The Virgin (ending soon) and Drag Race (current season ending soon), can't think there are any other shows that I'm invested in that are airing anytime soon - The Good Place is great but I don't think it's due back for a while yet.
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  19. This being cancelled when I'm part-way through watching and hearing it ends on a cliffhanger genuinely has me wondering if I should bother streaming the rest of the season. The cancellation of the Marvel TV shows has me putting off watching Daredevil Season 3 for similar reasons... Ugh.
  20. Yes keep watching. If viewers increase then it may get brought back from the dead. Hahahahaha zombie puns.
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