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Santii - Outsider (formerly known as M+A)

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by andru, Mar 28, 2018.

  1. I tried to find an M+A thread thinking they would've been discussed on PopJustice before but couldn't. Their name is awfully difficult to search for at the best of times so apologies if there is a thread for them but since there doesn't seem to be, and this is a new project, I thought I'd post here instead.

    Anyway... M+A released two albums, "things.yes" (2011) and "These Days" (2013) plus an assortment of various EPs and singles - available on Spotify here.

    They've since changed their name to SANTII and released their first single "Outsider" this week. It seems to be the first of 10 tracks to be released over the coming year and likely the first part of a visual album.
  2. They've released a new song, "NEVER SORRY" featuring Supah Mario. It's available on Spotify here, I imagine a video will follow shortly.

  3. It doesn't seem like anyone's checking for it, but here's the next song "Twenty" - probably my favourite so far.

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  4. And here's the album, if only some of our faves could learn from this speedy and efficient roll-out!

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