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Sara Bareilles - Amidst the Chaos (New Album) and General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ZsDbk88, Jun 11, 2015.

  1. Ugh I am jealous you were able to see her twice already haha!

  2. And my friend from DC is really trying to convince me to go to one of the DC concerts next month. The same friend saw her in Denver last night after a crazy-ass plan to hightail it from Las Vegas after her conference with mere hours to get to the concert in time. Luckily, Sara she only missed the first song, I think. Sara really is going to bankrupt us.
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  3. Love the diversity in the cast!

    Also, I have slowly become entrenched in the K-pop world and after going through my (ongoing) Blackpink and Dreamcatcher obsession, I'm looking into getting into (G)I-DLE and much to my delight, one of their members covered Gravity and she does a beautiful job. Loved what she did with THAT note. I think Sara will be proud.

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  4. For everyone who unfortunately can't see Sara live, someone filmed and posted on Youtube a full show in Portland:

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  5. She's coming to Waitress!
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  6. The way that musical refuses to die
  7. I went last week and really didn’t care for it. But I guess I’ll be going again to see Sara.
  8. Am I just going to cry for 2 hours straight whilst she sings her heart out in London? You betcha.

    Am I hoping that this means she'll finally do a London show after years?
    You betcha.
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  9. Guess it'll be a fifth trip to the diner!
    I saw Sara in it in NYC, but I was quite far back. Snapped up a TodayTix third row ticket for 25 quid recently so imma be looking out for the same. I want to see the tears in her eyes!!
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  11. Sara is nominated for a Grammy - Best American Roots Performance for Saint Honesty! Come on, hope she wins already, that song definitely deserves it!

    • "Saint Honesty" — Sara Bareilles.
    • "Father Mountain" — Calexico And Iron & Wine.
    • "I'm on My Way" — Rhiannon Giddens with Francesco Turrisi.
    • "Call My Name" — I'm With Her.
    • "Faraway Look" — Yola.
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  12. Pleasantly pleased with the American Roots nomination! Who would have thought Sara would be classified as that? I certainly didn't but I can see why this song was nominated in that category. Not familiar with the rest of the nominees aside from Yola so it's between her and Sara and I hope Sara takes it. Would be pretty amusing if this is the category she wins a Grammy for.

    In other news, I just came back home to see her in DC last night. It was a quick trip but definitely worth it. Highlights were of course She Used To Be Mine and the No Such Thing/Satellite Call mashup. I lost it during her banter with Emily about Pat Sajak and how they wrote a song about him and titled it "If I Can't Have You, Pat" but "the Pat is silent." I hope someone recorded that because I was too busy laughing my ass off.

    My friends and I waited more than an hour and a half (in the cold) after the show, but unfortunately she didn't come out. We did see Emily and Sara's band walk by from afar so that was something.

    Saw Sara four times this year and I consider myself super lucky. Here's to more concerts in the near future.

  13. They should record something together, the chemistry is there and they are obviously staning each other haha! You can see how thrilled Sara is.
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  14. Imagine if Sara ever records a completely original Christmas album, I'm sure it would be great. This song is one of my favorite Christmas songs because the message is so simple but true and meaningful.

    EDIT: Actually, here is the full show, Sara starts around 1:00:00 and then again around 2:02:00:

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  15. Looks like there is a duet with Emily King on her album that will be released on the 17th

  16. Looking forward to spending one last day at the diner on Sunday night. I fully expect Sara to be there and for the entire audience to bawl their eyes out. Gonna be a good one.
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