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Sara Bareilles - Amidst the Chaos (New Album) and General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ZsDbk88, Jun 11, 2015.

  1. I have seen the majority of Jennas on Broadway (did not see Betsy and Shoshana, unfortunately) and I can easily say that Nicolette was the best and my favorite Jenna. Phenomenal performances and I hope she returns to Broadway soon. What a talent.

    Still love Jessie and Sara, though!
  2. So no surprise, Waitress' last show was super, super emotional. Loved the audience cheering after every song by the entire cast. There were a lot of great moments but I think my favorite was definitely the audience cheering and giving Stephanie Torns a long standing ovation, the one who would play Jenna whenever there was a break in between the huge names. There were lots of tears during that moment.

    Sara was, of course, present and the whole place exploded when she got onstage with the rest of the creative team. This show has been such a gift and I'm sad that it has ended on Broadway but it lives on in my heart (not to be cheesy or anything).

    Here's to Sara's next musical.
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  3. And someone actually found the screenshot haha!:

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  4. "Sara Barillas"
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  5. I just came here to post that!

    It really slaps, the mixture of her voice and the production is done so well. A brilliant remix.
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  6. I agree, nice remix, Fire was also very good. I hope that means No Such Thing will be the next proper single.

    Fingers crossed Sara FINALLY gets a Grammy on Sunday. I was hoping she would perform but I guess not.
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  8. I think Yola has got that one in the bag, but I would love for Sara to get it!
  9. All hail the Queen of American Roots, Grammy winner Sara Bareilles!!!!

    She finally won a Grammy, you guys!
  10. Ah come on, presenter could have at least learned to pronounce her surname correctly haha!

  11. So pleased to be wrong in my prediction! Seventh time's a charm, clearly.
  12. I am so excited to see her in Waitress London in 2 weeks.
  13. I saw Sara in Waitress last night and she was outstanding. I saw the production with Katharine McPhee and thought it was a nice musical, but Sara’s performance took it to a whole other level. She acted every word of She Used To Be Mine and infused it with such passion that she got an extended round of applause, and her chemistry with Gavin Creel really made Bad Idea and You Matter To Me shine. At the curtain call she got a standing ovation from a full house - even the rows at the back and up in the dress circle - which is no mean feat in the West End!

    I really loved seeing her sing live without being stuck behind a piano - it enabled her to really act the music, and I was struck by how good she is at conveying that through body language and gestures.
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