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Sara Bareilles - Amidst the Chaos (New Album) and General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ZsDbk88, Jun 11, 2015.

  1. I saw her on Thursday and she was truly amazing. I‘ve never heard such a long applause like after „She used to be mine“.

    I‘ve also seen Katharine McPhee last June and she was great too.

    But it was just special seeing it with Sara.
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  2. @londonrain and @Alenko: both of you should go back for her last show because that's going to be such a special event.

    I was at all three of her "last shows" on Broadway (she did it three times, right? I don't even remember) and all of those times were really special and emotional and I will treasure those moments forever. She is fantastic and I hope she'll return to the stage when the time is right.
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  3. I wish I could! I live in Switzerland and it‘s so bittersweet since the show is closing in July at Westend but at least I‘ve seen her.
  4. I wish I would've been able to catch one of the shows with Sara, and even Jason.
  5. Just booked in for the new "last date" of the 21st!
  6. YES!!!! I was so (playfully) annoyed when she kept on coming back after announcing the previous stint that that was her last show so hopefully this isn't a fake "last show", lol.
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  7. I saw Waitress last night and it was phenomenal. I didn't expect to enjoy the show as much as I did but it was the perfect balance of comedy, music and emotion. It's a real triumph and of anyone is in two minds about it definitely go!

    All the cast were brilliant but Sara's voice really was something else. All the songs were amazing but She Used To Be Mine was something else. As soon as she started the energy in the room completely shifted, you could've heard a pin drop. The cheers she got at the end went on for so long.

    I'm so glad I got to see this and with her at the helm. She's a superstar.
  8. When will I stop being amazed by Sara's voice? Probably never.

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  10. They are airing the Jesus Christ Superstar again this Easter:

    It would be great if Sara does a mini concert from home like many artists are doing now amidst the crisis.
  11. I've been revisiting this album a lot during this chaotic times and it really is perfect for this madness. Her songwriting and voice are just leagues ahead of so many of her contemporaries. "Miss Simone" gets me every time.
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