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Sara Bareilles - Armor (New Single) and General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ZsDbk88, Jun 11, 2015.

  1. Sara revealed yesterday that she will release a new album in November.

    She went into the studio with Neal Avron who produced Kaleidoscope Heart with her to record a new album. The record will include a selection of songs from her musical Waitress.

    There will be behind the scenes videos and album teasers coming out until the record is released.

    I am very happy to hear this, I can't wait!

    Are there Sara fans here?
  2. She's one of my favorite artists and Kaleidoscope Heart is one of my all-time favorites! I'm always excited for more music from her.
  3. Guess that means we're looking at early 2016 for Katy Perry's new single!
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  4. Amazing.

    I'm really looking forward to hearing this. I love all her albums and Gravity remains genius to this day.
  5. YES! She's easily the best singer-songwriter out there.
  6. If only Nerina Pallot had more of a budget...
  7. Funnily enough, she was also on my mind when I made the statement.
  8. To me she is far superior than Adele, both as a singer and a songwriter and it's sad that Sara doesn't have the same popularity as her. BUT she is respected among everyone and that also means a great deal - I was shocked and pleased that she got nominated for Album of The Year. I feel her time is yet to come but even if it doesn't - you just know she will always be happy just singing to her loyal fans because to her it is all about the music.

    And I really think her voice is flawless, I never heard her miss a note. I love the fact that she knows how to control her voice, she isn't showing off like Christina Aguilera and Jessie J who can be so annoying with exaggerating everything.
  9. You're right on every account, but she has built up so much goodwill over the years and has always actually charted incredibly well in the US. She's never going to be as big as Adele, but who is? And in fact 'Brave' was arguably her biggest ever hit, and certainly since 'Love Song'!
  10. I do think they share some similiarities in terms of singing and writing style. Although if I'm honest, I'm more familiar with Nerina's stuff and therefore like her a little more.
    What are some good Sara songs to start with, apart from her "Little Voice" album?
  11. Can you imagine if she answered Bad Blood with this:

    Sara has a natural talent for melody and lyrics most singers don't have. I love her writing so much.
  12. Uncharted
    King of Anything
    Basket Case
    Let The Rain
    Send Me the Moon
  13. I'd recommend Kaleidoscope Heart to anybody in that it's almost her poppiest album and she does manage to portray being a pop star really well. The more single based, poppy tracks I'd recommend are:

    'Gonna Get Over You'
    'Let the Rain'
    'Machine Gun'

    Then there's the stellar quieter songs, of which I'd recommend:

    'Hold My Heart'
    'The Light' (My favourite Sara Bareilles song, alongside 'Satellite Call'
    'Breathe Again' (Which is very 'Gravity')

    The Blessed Unrest deserved all the acclaim it got, and kind of epitomises her incredible lyricism, but it definitely sacrifices the commercial leanings of her other albums. If you fancy those kinds of songs I'd recommend:

    'Little Black Dress'
    'I Choose You'

    but it's definitely about the slower, melancholy affairs. 'Satellite Call' is absolutely divine and very 'Out of the Woods' in how atmospheric it is. Imagine if 'Out of the Woods' was entirely devoted to being a ballad really. 'Eden' is completely different for her, and quite a passive aggressive affair, but I'd love her to follow similar styles like this. Finally 'Island' is another kind of like 'Gravity' that is so vulnerable and raw.
  14. Apart from Gravity, Satellite Call is my favourite Sara Bareilles song. It gives me chills every time I hear it. I also really like Gonna Get over You, Come Home with One Republic,
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  15. I'm so glad someone agrees about 'Satellite Call'. That song has got me through so much.
  16. I know what you mean. Nobody ever seems to talk about Satellite Call when they discuss Sara but it's so hauntingly beautiful. The "woo hoos" at the end always slay me.
  17. I have actually stated, and people take it as a joke because of the whole 'Brave' debacle, but I do see Katy Perry as wanting to go down this route entirely. I'd LOVE the two to work together.
  18. I also love Satellite Call, it is so haunting but beautiful. I also have soft spot for Bright Lights and Cityscapes. In truth, there is not one song that I truly don't love actually.

    By the way, since it is mentioned that the album will be like a soundtrack of the musical, here is a song she performed live called She Used To Be Mine:
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  19. Basket Case is a wrecker ... soooo sad in a good way I can barely listen to it without getting teary.

    And that note on Gravity. Epic.

    She's similar to Adele in her honest humor. No pretense. She'd very foul mouthed at her live shows in a great way.
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  20. Sara rules all.

    The Blessed Unrest has ended up becoming my favourite album of hers, and taking the title from Little Voice was no mean feat. I'm a bit unsure about her working with a Kaleidoscope Heart producer as I definitely prefer her "less commercial" leanings (she's still got a big pop heart but I definitely prefer the more raw, earthy production over her going all glossy).

    As long as the songs themselves stay as good as they have been, colour me excited.
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