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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by chepedro, Jun 3, 2016.

  1. Revisiting Little Voice today - what an album!
  2. Sara performed this weekend in Little Mermaid at Hollywood Bowl, I mentioned before how she got the part as Ariel.

    Here are a few good videos:

    That voice...
  3. Sara on Sesame Street:

  4. So, um, I hope I don't cause too much offense here. I'm not a big fan of Sara Bareilles' work. She's always been a bit too middle of the road for my taste, though I can certainly appreciate that she has talent even if I don't connect with much of her work. But, I just wanted to say, on Sunday the Tony Awards' 11 o'clock number was given not to Hamilton, but to Bareilles' Waitress and, wow, was it worth the wait.

    The first half of the performance begins with a rather silly, innocuous ensemble number with - get ready for it - pie and coffee pot hand choreography (yeah, I got out my best Liz Lemon eyeroll for that, too). Then, halfway through, Bareilles emerges on piano and plays a healthy part of "Used to Be Mine" and I thought to myself, yeah, that's a very pleasant song. But, then, the camera pans downstage and we rejoin lead actress Jessie Mueller, now, apparently full on preggers and sitting at a couch. And that is the moment all the dots connect. Mueller takes over the song and she soars with it. It's such a beautiful performance. So raw, so urgent, so immediate. What absolutely floored me was the way in which Mueller, yes, translates the emotion of the song to the very back row, but somehow simultaneously makes it one of the most intimate and real moments I've seen on stage. It was like listening in on a moment you're not really supposed to hear. In that moment - again, with all due respect to those of you who love Bareilles' work - I think we witnessed what happens when a great interpretive artist elevates a very nice work to greatness.

    The performance I'm describing starts at about 3:09:

  5. Sara on Twitter:

    I wonder if those are new songs for the album. Or maybe this will just be another EP. I do hope for at least 2 more songs, 3 songs is very short.

    Also, she will perform at NBC special for 4th of July.

    By the way, I changed the title of the thread to general discussion since we now sometimes talk about different stuff regarding Sara, not just her musical.
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  6. Here is Sara performing What The World Needs Now:

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  9. It's a program that airs on public radio, and yeah, it's pretty popular among that group of listeners. The average American may or may not know of it. It's a lot of first-person narratives that can range in tone from serious to lighthearted and usually fit around a loose theme.

    I haven't listened to it enough to know what this would be for exactly but Sara seems like a good fit for the show.
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  11. She answered a question on Twitter when a fan asked about This american Life, whether it will be a single:

    They are putting up a video asap. And then we will get a download ready. WORKING ON IT, I PROMISE!! WOOOOOOHOOOOOO #SERIOUSLY @ThisAmerLife
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  13. I'm glad they put lyrics in the video.

    Leslie sang it great but I would also love to her Sara's version. The melody is so catchy, you can definitely hear this is Sara's work.
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  15. Here is Sara featured on the song written by her and Ben Abraham:

    It is great to hear her voice again on a new song.
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  16. Sara has been nominated for Grammy for Best Musical Theater Album.

    Now that Hamilton is not in the picture, I actually think Waitress has a chance of winning. The play had a great buzz, very good reviews and it even broke a few records. I don't know anything about other nominees though, they are:

    "Bright Star"

    "The Color Purple”

    “Fiddler On the Roof”

    “Kinky Boots”
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  17. Do you know the name of the person who wrote the musical.


    Me neither.

    Classic Sara haha!
  18. I LOVE sara, each one of her albums is beautiful, I think My favorite is kaleidoscope heart, but I also love the blessed unrest and little voice, really looking forward to new music and I hope i get to see her tour the UK at some point.
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  19. My favorite album is hands down The Blessed Unrest, I love the honesty she put in the lyrics - but of course I love all her albums, even EP had some terrific songs like Once Upon Another Time, Lie To Me, Bright Lights and Cityscapes. I can't wait for her next album, she evolves bit by bit with each new record so it will be interesting to her what she comes up with in the future.
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