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Sara Bareilles - Once Upon Another Time (EP)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by CaliforniaKing, May 20, 2012.

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  1. So Sara has released a new EP to prepare fans for a new direction, which is basically... really beautiful, orchestrated retro-chorded pop.

    The EP comes out officially tomorrow (but is out on iTunes today) and is really beautiful. She has a genuine 'Someone Like You' moment with 'Bright Lights and Cityscapes', singing about a guy that got away from her.

    Check it out! Her voice is absolutely unbelievable, and I am a massive fan :)
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  2. She's criminally underrated. Kaleidescope Heart was one of my favourite albums of 2010.

    I haven't listened to this one (didn't even know it was coming out!) but downloading now.
  3. I had no idea she was coming out with new stuff but I adore her so I'll definitely be checking this out asap.
  4. She is so criminally underrated -- I agree. Gravity is one of my favourite songs of all time, and Little Voice was pretty perfect. Kaleidoscopic Heart was pretty good, but I think this EP is better; 5 tracks. The best are Stay and Bright Lights and City Scapes. But generally, her voice just soars. She's got such a great voice.
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  5. I don't know whether to find Sweet as Whole childish or clever. It's certainly brought a smile to my face.

    The whole EP is quite beautiful (aside from the aforementioned track), especially Bright Lights and Cityscapes. She really does the whole "fragile" thing quite well.
  6. It's like the sequel to Machine Gun, don't you think? Silly/clever/crazy, but very original and fun.

    Bright Lights and Cityscapes made me cry on first listen. Her voice is so unnaturally perfect; her reverberation is just so... affecting.
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  7. "Sweet As Hole" is fun and all, but it feels totally out of place. It would have made much more sense as a one-off track than on an EP, or at the very least should have been the final track. It totally destroys the mood the first three songs create which should continue into "Bright Lights..." Otherwise the EP is lovely, though.
  8. I love SB to bits but I think the EP bar the "funny" track is as dull as dishwater.
    I'm hoping this is just a bit of a throwaway release and she's kept her better tracks for her third (or is it fourth, or even fifth?) album.
  9. I adore Sara and her music so much. Like CaliforniaKing, Gravity is one of my favourite songs ever, and Little Voice is one of my favourite albums. She is massively underrated, and just has the most beautiful, emotive voice along with having a knack of writing stunning songs.

    I've pre-ordered the CD version of the EP but I can't be waiting a month for that to arrive!
  10. I haven't listened to the EP, but I agree about how underrated she is. It's awesome hearing the praise for Gravity; it's also one of my favorite songs. She's got such an amazing voice, it's awful that she doesn't get the acknowledgment that she deserves.
  11. I'm really enjoying the EP so far. It has some really nice understated moments, Stay (which is getting more and more heartbreaking on every listen) and Lie To Me lift the whole thing. Sweet As Whole is a bit jarring but I love her for doing it, her sense of humour is brilliant. She's got bags of personality. I'm surprised the UK has taken to her more, as she's got the brilliant songs but she's perfect chat show fodder. She's a riot (some evidence to support my claim -

    Though I must say, Beautiful Girl is probably one of my favourites from this "era". The live version she'd been playing for a few months never really interested me but the finished thing made me see how much of a sweet song it is.

    Oh, and this new song is gorgeous:
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  12. Love her. Love the EP.
  13. I wasn't sure where to post this so may as well post it here. Sara did an intimate Stageit show last night and it's now on Youtube:

    Honestly, it baffles me every single time I listen to her music how she isn't a worldwide superstar. Her voice is out of this world, so full of emotion, character and warmth. And she is just HILARIOUS. When introducing King Of Anything, she says "And now for another top 40 hit! Not really, this one didn't do that well". She's got a brilliant sense of humour, how this alone hasn't got her more attention I'll never know.


    Playing For Change (new song...though it seemed to have been written purely for the charity of the same name that the show is for)
    Bright Lights and Cityscapes
    Love Song
    Only Shadows (new song...really beautiful, will be on her new album)
    Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay (with a hilarious mistake)
    King Of Anything
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  14. Ooh, thanks for bumping this, I'm glad too see some Sara love on this forum. She's basically perfect and one of my faves.
  15. Thanks for posting that! Agree on her sense of humor, it's one of the best parts of seeing her live...the other being her absolutely incredible voice. She's one of those artists that I hope never stops making music, no matter what radio does with her.
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