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Sarah Jessica Parker hints that Sex And The City could return

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by spillett, Sep 26, 2016.

  1. I roll my eyes every time this rumour pops up. It's just clickbait that the rags like to put up every now and then. It's the same story that's been pedalling about ever since Sex and the City 2 came out.

    I'd like one final movie but then that's it.
  2. I'd like a movie as long as it's not "OMG SHOES1!!!!111" for two hours.

    That final scene where the women are dragged into the backstreet room where, OMG, these Muslim women are just like us!!!1! was the worst thing I've ever watched.
  3. Are you sure about that? Remember how awful the first two (especially the second one) were?
  4. I loved the first movie, the second movie was good but I understand the criticism.

    As if those woman would be wearing all of that under their religious clothing. They'd die from heat exhaustion!
  5. The second movie is a masterclass horror film.
  6. I hope they go to space.
  7. But the SATC3 twitter account is better than any possible film.
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  8. At this stage, anything else would probably only hurt the legacy of the fantastic original series but let's see what happens... What exposition do we still need from the characters? Any of them need any development on any front? I don't personally think so but what would you like to see more of/explored about the characters?
  9. Screaming
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  11. It's iconic.
  12. The 2nd movie's storyline for Miranda was ridiculous.

    She had a sexist boss so her response was to quit and go on holiday.
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  13. The first movie was really good, I thought. A few scenes felt a bit too hammy, but it was ok and a nice end to the story. But the second film was terrible. It's like they took the criticisms thrown at the first one and tried to resolve them by going zero to 60 with the sexual humour.
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  14. I'd be here for another (mini) series. 6 episodes? Or maybe just a 2 hour special. We don't need another movie. The 2nd film was terrible.
  15. If there is a new movie I want something a bit more unpolished like the original series was. The movie adaptions were glossy Hollywood rom-coms with a few sex scenes. The spirit of Sex and the City was missing.
  16. I can't see another series being needed. There isn't enough to really say. At this point, a brief measured sense of indulgence is all that's really needed to really close things out (SATC2 was just an appalling way to cap it off and the show deserves better) with either a mini event series like The X-Files just did or go out with a third film.

    If they do a third film, make it like the first. Basically like a season across two and a half hours.
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  17. Just make Sex and the City 3D and call it a day! They had all these years to develop it and still nothing!
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  18. The second one is an abomination. I was at the gym and running on the treadmill listening to my own music as I watched the film. It's still terrible without the dialogue.
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  19. Absolutely not. Leave it be. It was of its time and needs to stay there.

    Also if you're not following @everyoutfitonsatc on instagram, I recommend it. Hilarious commentary as well as amazing fashion nostalgia.
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