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Sarah Jessica Parker hints that Sex And The City could return

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by spillett, Sep 26, 2016.

  1. Do you think that it's a false depiction that they wear Louis Vuitton under their normal dictated get-up?
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  2. Why are you always so baiting?
  3. It's actually worse considering that they were initially given the go-ahead to shoot in Abu Dhabi but it was then revoked as they were concerned of a negative depiction of the place.
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  4. I've recently started rewatching the series. In episode two, Carrie's artist friend proudly shows her the collection of sex tapes he has made without the knowledge or consent of the women involved. Carrie does not object in any way and quite happily sits down to watch with them.

    I know we're in a more enlightened age now, but sometimes you really think you should have picked this stuff up at the time.
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  5. The first film is actually really good, and I think it has a lot more in common with the "feel" of the series itself than the sequel does. The storyline was good and it gave closure to some of the character's storylines from the series - it was like catching up with old friends and seeing how things are going. I feel if it was cut into 30 minute parts it could easily have served as the 7th season too. The less said about the sequel the better.
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  6. I actually haven't watched the TV show in a good five years or more but I suspect there's quite a lot of questionable stuff by 2017 standards. I kind of don't want to ruin my memories of it by going back to it, it feels very much like a product of its time to me.
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  7. I rewatched the series recently and certainly piece of it are questionable/dated from a 2017 viewpoint, but I would say it still really holds up. The relationships between the women and the dating horror stories are as honest and effecting now as they were then.
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  8. The main difference I noticed when re-watching it recently is how unlikable Carrie actually is...
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  9. That's why I never really got into the show...
    So don't ask me why I wandered into this thread in the first place...
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  10. I think it's one of the reasons I like the film is that Carrie is much more relatable and likable. Not that I like to see someone suffer like that, but going through that kind of devastating experience made Carrie much more humble (if only for 2 hours). Like the scene where she recognizes she made the whole wedding about her and tells Miranda to ease up on Steve. She didn't seem to be all about herself (aside from the wedding plans).
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  11. The first movie is actually a bit of canon in how to translate a TV series into a successful movie. Rewatched it again a few weeks ago on cable and i'm a bit blown away at how amazing it re-introduced the characters and the spirit of the show into a new format. It's harder than it seems.

    SATC2, on the other hand, is hilariously bad.
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  12. I prefer the TV series "Sex and the City". After many years I watch this series with pleasure, I see there every time something new
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  13. You only just noticed that?
  14. She's always been hateful, and for how well they handled so much, the producers must have realised. I agree with the above, the first film made her likeable again.
  15. Carrie was fine until season 4 where she became unbearable.

    I love the episode where Miranda calls her out with the bullshit bagels.
  16. Season 5’s squeaky Carrie was the worst.
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  17. I completely disagree. Carrie was insufferable in the film. Your fiancé gets cold feet at the wedding and you have to be spoon fed by your friends? Meanwhile, Miranda’s husband actually cheated on her and she still managed to be a functional adult.
  18. Carrie was so annoying in the TV series.

    I mean, if you earned a living writing a newspaper column you would at least back up your work once in a while. And when your boyfriend buys you a new laptop you should show some gratitude.
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  19. Carrie's been the worst since Day 1, but she most reminds me of myself. The worst parts of myself, that is.
  20. Is there anything more sobering than realising you hate someone for personality traits that you yourself possess? Kii.
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