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Sarah Jessica Parker hints that Sex And The City could return

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by spillett, Sep 26, 2016.

  1. Why? She is a person. And how is it even a rant?
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  2. I can completely understand Kim lashing out the way she has in that Instagram post. She is deep in grief, for a start. Then you have Sarah Jessica, an actress acting, sticking to a well-rehearsed script, making herself look nice and kind when her behaviour over the years has likely been anything but nice or kind. All those carefully planted stories about 'Diva Kim' made my Spider Sense tingle. This seems like a very honest, blunt, and human reaction to all the shit Kim has been through with Sarah.

    I always assumed Kim played the main character in Sex And The City. I had no idea it was Sarah-Jessica. The mere idea of her as the the lead in a sexy tv show seemed...well, it wasn't believable.
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  3. Omg this tea. Could also be the twink running her account who got his life though.
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  4. We don't need a third movie. We didn't need a second movie. We probably didn't need the first one either. I just don't think the format works as well when you put it up in the big screen. Give me a new mini series please, exclusive to Netflix or something.

    As for Kim's rant on Instagram - I feel she'll come to regret it once she has time to process everything she's going through. That seems mostly grief talking and her just not being able to deal with any bullshit. She's always more slightly more diplomatic than that.

    I do like SJP but I think she needs to just focus on whatever she wants to focus on and leave Kim out of it.
  5. Solenciennes

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    I don't think Kim will regret anything, it's clear she views her time on the show with a lot of bitterness and the years since have only strenghtened that feeling with two movies where I assume everyone returned with the same attitudes, reinforced. If they all froze Kim out, or Kim did something to have them all freeze her out, and she felt like the other members of cast and crew were ganging up on her, she's not going to suddenly have a change of heart out of nowhere and too much time has passed for them to make up and move on. It's done. Good on her for sticking to her guns and saying no out of principle and publically stating it has nothing to do with money.
  6. I don’t think you get to SJP’s level of success without a willingness to tread on people, which is awful but is likely the probability.

    My boyfriend and I were discussing this last night and he is of the opinion that SJP was possibly jealous because Samantha was (for us two at least) the real star of the show. She always had the best lines and Kim’s comedic timing was always on point.
  7. Kim was the star of the show for me too. The absolute highlight of the majority of episodes and the series overall. Samantha and Miranda were my favourite of the four main characters, and Charlotte was a sweetheart. As I've gotten older and viewed the series beyond it's comedy, fashion and the set of New York, Carrie on the other hand, although the lead, is completely off putting - if her narcissism was intended, they wrote her perfectly.
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  8. There were many times when Carrie was impossible to root for. I watch the show and the first movie because In every episode, Kim leaves my weave snatched whether be one of her iconic quotes or her amazing wardrobe. Watching her fall in love with Richard was mesmerising as opposed to having to put with Carrie endlessly torn about Big or Aidan or Berger or the Russian.
  9. I think that Carrie was the perfect vehicle for the series, all aspects considered. She thought that everything was wrong with herself, she was truly struggling with how she was presenting herself, and she could not be pleased with anything. It was the perfect entry point to the world of the series, and she was the ideal narrator. She never really annoyed me, she is no more messy than your average real life person in my opinion.
    Of course Samantha was the main source of entertainment.
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  11. The tension between Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall has always been there. I remember watching The Emmys in the US in 2004 and SJP and Kim were sat in the front row of the audience with the aisle between them and the pained smiles at each other screamed "This is just for the cameras".

    Anyway, Samantha's comic timing was perfect:

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  12. Everyone should simply LET. IT. GO.
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  13. I would like a third movie for the sole reason that shitty 2nd movie should not be the end of such an iconic franchise.
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  14. I watched the second one in about 6 different parts. The struggle was real.
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  15. Kim is trying to.
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  16. Rightfully so.
  17. If you watch the first movie though you can basically break down each 25 minutes into an episode. They should just do another series, especially if there is no Samantha. No one is really rushing for a SATC movie.
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  18. Ray


    The first movie was awkward. The second was horrid. I also watched it in parts. I needed to take wine breaks.
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  19. The second film is one of the most racist things I've seen. It's almost disgusting how ignorant it is.
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