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Sarah Jessica Parker hints that Sex And The City could return

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by spillett, Sep 26, 2016.

  1. Best Sarah just leaves Kim alone from now on. That's all I have to say on the matter.
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  2. Stilettos at dawn? Gah, could they be anymore patronising?
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  3. It's strange how HBO didn't order more eps for the last season as the whole series ended just six eps short of 100 episodes and back then you needed that to get syndication rights (I believe it's only 60 to 80 eps for shows nowadays)
  4. I'm Team Kim. Sarah (and Willie Garson) were both trying it with her for months. Kim was beyond diplomatic for all of her personal interviews about being done with the show creatively (like age differences, wanting something new, and creative freedom) while Sarah's body language alone in the Andy Cohen clip seemed dishonest. I forgot where I read it (either here, Previously TV, or Oh No They Didn't) but didn't Kim say the show changed how men viewed her in relationships? Sarah became a quirky fashion icon and Kim just became objectified. And Kim said she couldn't have kids because of the show, while season 5 had 8 episodes to meet Sarah's pregnancy. This clapback was decades in the making, especially if you factor in her grief. Now if you excuse me, I'm going to watch a Kim Cattrall movie. #SupportOurGorl
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  5. Kim just wrote her obituary in Hollywood. She's blacklisted in Hollywood now for sure. She doesn't know how to conduct herself. She's a toxic individual - a liability. It didn't start with this one outrageous post, it goes back a few years now. This is disastrous. I know things were drying up for her in terms of work already in the US, but she just sealed her fate. What a boneheaded move. Jesus. I mean does she really want to live out her days milking a one-sided feud with Sarah Jessica Parker through tabloids? I thought she had a few other things going for her over in the UK. She just keep dredging up this crap. Enough already. We already heard you're not doing Sex and the City 3. We didn't hear that Sarah Jessica Parker tried to f- your husband, so you really need to get over it.

    Plenty of people get condolences from people whom they no longer speak to and said people pay their respects anyway. We don't suddenly become friends. I've done the same for them, not because I like them, but because I liked and respected their family. It's called being an adult and a decent human being. Oh, and I did it via a card, not a telephone call. We were no longer, ya know, friends. I made that clear, like you did with Sarah... and we didn't respond back to one another. We got the message. I know others who have been through the same thing and handled it exactly the same way. Grow up, woman. Geez! You're a public individual to boot.

    And by the way, I'm not a fan of Sarah's, wasn't even a real fan of Sex and the City, so I don't have some big stake in this show, but it really does fascinate how much passive aggressiveness is going on by a woman in 60s. I'd understand if it was being done by a girl in her teens -- the Instagram posting sure would make a whole lot more sense. It just so trashy. What is this, a female rap war??!
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  6. Patronising? Anyway, it's the post. It's Rupert Murdoch's rag.
  7. I believe the season was cut it two. It wasn't just six episodes. Those six episodes were part of the previous one. It was split. The show is in syndication in the United States. I think it's on TBS.
  8. I find the idea that being grown up means being nice to people who are awful to you disgusting, to say the least. I prefer honesty. If being honest means she won't get a job in Hollywood ever again, then maybe Hollywood should do better?
  9. I agree wholeheartedly.
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  10. Exactly my thoughts.
  11. What a ridiculous comment. Her brother just died. She isn't thinking about her career or trying to milk a feud through tabloids. She just wants to be left alone because her brother died. I can't believe we have to keep highlighting the fact she's going through a personal tragedy to people.
  12. I don’t even know where to start with this. I really don’t.

    Saying that somebody who has made the decision to clap back at somebody who has obviously made her miserable at various points makes her a toxic person? No. Get out of here. Of course there was an element of grief that drove her to do this- but as I said previously: the idea that SJP is all sweetness and light. You do not get to where SJP’s career has taken her without being shrewd and calculating and if you need to step on somebody to do it- that’s what you’ll do.

    Kim simply called out SJP’s hypocrisy. And good on her.
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  13. To be fair, this applies equally to both Sarah Jessica and to Kim so is a bit of a moot point.

    Both have experienced huge successes, both clearly don't get along with each other. It happens in any workplace.

    It's a shame (to me) that Kim has lashed out due to feeling especially emotional/vulnerable and victimized. However, as already iterated earlier in this thread, there are a multitude of reasons why Sarah Jessica would send her condolences and most are unrelated to some cynical PR stunt.
  14. I'm not really on anyone's "side" in this feud but I have to say that I have written condolence messages in cards for colleagues that I absolutely can't stand. So maybe Sarah Jessica Parker isn't trying to fit a narrative, she may just be indulging in societal norms.
  15. I’m sorry but how exactly did the show stop Kim having kids?

    It speaks volumes that both Cynthia and Kristin have a great respect and friendship with SJP.

    It’s a messy situation and I’m sure there is both sides but dragging someone on social media is very high school even if she is going through a lot personally. So what if SJP doesn’t like Kim, so offered her condolences, it’s what people do.

    Leaves a sour note when thinking about the show and the great bonds they had. Carrie and Samantha would have none of this.
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  16. Yes. At the end of the day we have no idea whether SJP was trying to be nice or trying to stir the pot. Regardless, I think Kim has well and truly made her opinions of Sarah Jessica clear and I doubt there will be any future contact between them.

    Regarding SATC3... They can do it without Samantha. As said already, they don't need to kill her off they just need to 'write her out' and it's easy enough to do and it happens all the time in life/friendships where one of you leaves the group for personal reasons, work reasons, relationships etc.

    It would be a good way to give Miranda and Charlotte a bit more to do.

    In terms of Carrie and where to take her - I mean, the whole Carrie/Big thing has been done to death. If they break up and she's single... Yeah it could be interesting but only as long as it's a final break up and not her bouncing back into his arms at the end. It would be good to maybe see her single from the get-go and finding out that she and Big split a long time ago. She's over it and he's moved on and had a kid with someone etc. The whole dating in 2018 when you're an older woman could be interesting.

    For Miranda I guess she and Steve could still be together, perhaps their son is now a teenager? And maybe he's really off the rails and getting into a lot of trouble. Maybe Charlotte loses Harry in an accident and becomes a single Mother?
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  17. Wait, I did some googling and I didn't find any public condolences message from Sarah to Kim?
  18. BTG


    She and Cynthia Nixon both commented on Kim's instagram post.
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  19. She also publicly spoke about it to Extra TV and then discussed Sex and the City 3.
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