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Sarah Jessica Parker hints that Sex And The City could return

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by spillett, Sep 26, 2016.

  1. Dd, mess.
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  2. Team Kim all the way. I met her once at some corporate thingy and she was nothing but lovely, even when I brought up crappy films she'd been in, she just laughed and was happy to discuss.
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  3. I'm not team anyone. I like them both and follow both their careers.

    I think Kim's anger has most likely come from the fact that SJP is still talking about SATC3 to the press resulting in Kim still getting hounded about her refusal to take part.
  4. I’d be happy if they all just left it there. In reality they should have stopped at the first film.
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  5. This drama is just all so juicy.
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  6. Every cast member receiving the above plot outline:
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  7. Solenciennes

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    To me... if someone had very recently been bashing me and saying we weren't friends and that I could have been nicer when we used to hang out I don't think 1) leaving a public comment on their Instagram and 2) talking about their grief and then about the very topic that caused them to publically bash me to a media outlet would be a sensible thing to do if I was genuinely sorry to hear about their loss and wanted to make amends for the past.

    Kim even said, nobody just gave her a call to talk about it. It was all done through representatives and then sneaky media stories appeared. Whether or not you agree with Kim's version of events, it's just an amazing lack of good judgment to post a public comment, so everyone can see it, doing the exact thing you've been accused of. To me it shows SJP's more concerned about her public image than the fight, which makes me believe Kim.
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  8. If Sarah had any real power or ability to destroy anyone, then Matt Stone and Trey Parker would have been destroyed years ago for this:

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  9. I think that Point 2 is hugely understandable - SJP was specifically asked about Kim's loss, so she couldn't avoid a sympathetic response without being hugely cold-hearted (which very few people are)

    Secondly, SJP has probably NEVER done an interview where Sex And The City wasn't raised as a subject - she's promoting a different show yet they'll always bring it up - this isn't a case of her issuing a statement and segueing from Kim's grief to "Sex And The City 3 but only without Kim because we hate her and she hates us"

    I mean, has anyone ever seen an interview with Glenn Close where Fatal Attraction wasn't raised as a topic?
  10. Ray


  11. Solenciennes

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    Perhaps a "no comment" would have sufficed, I just think the slew of "we're really disappointed" Instagram posts and public statements from other Sex And The City people has forced Kim to speak about it publically after two decades of being made out to be a money grabbing diva who's being a stick in the mud; and every time Sarah says Kim's name she's provoking her again regardless of her intentions. Best to leave her alone and contact her privately if she's really adamant about improving their relationship. She's given them her blessing to recast the role or write her out, they're just guilt tripping her at this point.
  12. When the interviewer asked her about Kim’s loss and then about SATC3, she could have said, I don’t think it’s appropriate to talk about that right now.
  13. You know what wouldn’t be a sensible thing for SJP to do? Reply “no comment” when asked about Kim’s tragedy.
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  14. If all this is true and the other three ostracized her to an extent; and then the dramz around SATC3....

    SJP should have sent condolences privately and not on IG. Sent flowers. A card. Not a two liner on show for the world. Kim went hard, but SJP had it coming.

    Still I'm neither #TEAM and like them both as actresses, I just think SJP made a poor judgment in this case.
  15. This drama gave me SO much life over the weekend. God bless you, Ms. Catrall.
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  16. For reasons unknown I always say her full name phonetically as:

    Sair-ERRR JessickERRR ParkERRR
  17. I just don't buy Kim's 'pain' at all.
    She doesn't want to do a third movie and suddenly Sarah Jessica's the bitch?
    What about when SJ ran across the red carpet to meet Cattrall at the SATC movie premiere and they were laughing hysterically and hugging? Wasn't this after the supposed on-set hurt and upset?
    If things were that bad, why play along to that extent? Just be civil.. I don't get it?!

    Sarah Jessica's got a 30+ year career in Hollywood and the only person to ever call her out is Kim Cattrall?
    All because Parker apparently rented a house in Atlantic City when they were filming and didn't invite Cattrall because she assumed she'd want to spend time with her husband? I feel as though Kim's clutching at straws and trying to find a reason to now hate SJ? Why doesn't she ever call out Cynthia or Kristin? Cause they don't get the headlines like Parker does!

    We all (well, some of us.. and YouTube's your friend if you didn't) saw Cattrall in her SATC heyday and she can't have been that easy to get along with.
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  18. I love them both but if you read between the lines you could see Kim not wanting to do another SATC movie for a long time coming so I don't understand Sarah's shock and disappointment at Kim not wanting to do another movie. I'm sad it's not happening and I'm sad for Kim for what she's going through.

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  19. I'm so messy that I STILL want a third movie with Sam's funeral, just because now it would have a whole other layer of hilarity with SJP/Carrie watching as she's lowered into the ground. It would be absolutely awful and tasteless but the way I see it, we already have the great series and first film preserved, they've ruined the illusion that they were ever friends so why the hell not?
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  20. I maybe in the minority here, but I hope when things finally cooled down. Maybe the rest could continue doing a Sex and the City 3 movie without Samantha. Like I wanted the third film to be less extravagant especially with the clothing. Like Miranda isn't really fashionable and they kinda changed that in the movies because of the clothes they put her on. If there's another out of the country trip, I want them to go to London. I still think its possible to come up with a final chapter even if its just the three of them and the other supporting characters from the show.

    Anyway, as a fan - all of this drama just made me sad. I still the remember the interview of Kim Catrall with Ellen that she hoped that they could do a third movie even though the critics hated the second film, and that she misses the girls. Flash forward to now, it is just sad. Sex and the City is turning twenty this year and I need good news from this.
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