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Sarah Jessica Parker hints that Sex And The City could return

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by spillett, Sep 26, 2016.

  1. Maybe because we (I) want to see more of the characters. Anyway, all it would take is a good story for a 2 1/2 film. If the other old shows can comeback and succeed, I don't see why this can't for a final 2 1/2 film. Samantha won't be here but she's not the show. Carrie is. Like I said, the damage is already done with the second film and this drama.
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  2. If that's the only reason - wouldn't it be better to just watch your old DVDs/BLU-RAY? That way the characters are 'untainted', as opposed to struggling to be a shadow of their former self as per the second movie...
  3. In the same sense, if you think the new material taints anything, you can always watch the series DVDs and the people who want to see these characters coming together again enjoy whatever they end up releasing next?
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  4. I used to think that Kim could very well be establishing a new image by dismissing anything Sex and the City related the way she does, but I think that it is a stretch to casually assume she is the kind of person who would use her brother's death as an opportunity to publically call out a costar just to serve her career.

    And I suppose you are meant to appear as if everything is suggary while promoting your current piece of work. Now, she has no reason to.
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  5. This is my stance on it. Nothing they do can taint the series which can still be enjoyed even after the second film. I'd just like to see more of the characters, that "where are they now" aspect, how they'd deal with Samantha's death (both as characters and from the writer's point of view)
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  6. I would cackle if the opening scene of the third movie is Carrie chucking earth on Samantha's casket because I'm a petty mess. For the record I love them both and don't pick sides.

    I think people want a final film because the second film didn't feel final in it's ending to the franchise at all.
  7. No it wouldn't. That would have read as REALLY cold. She would have been raked over the coals.
  8. Yeah, that would be cute if it wasn't being performed by a 61 year old woman via Instagram.

    One of many stories about Miss Cattrall:

    The only time I had to deal with KC is telling. I worked at a small music club in Nashville. We got a call about someone very famous who was going to the club that night. They would NOT tell us who was going to come, but they had all these absurd requirements; we had to ensure that there was a straight walkway directly from the parking lot to the reserved table; the table couldn't face a certain way; we had to have extra security, etc. They would absolutely not tell us who it was, and, what with the level of security they were asking for and how demanding they were, we thought it was going to be the President or Vice P. At the arranged time, security met the car to walk her into the club, and it was...Kim Cattrall. She walked into the club and to her table BACKWARDS, and surrounded by security, so no one could see her coming in. We all thought WHAT?!? I have been around celebrities a lot, but have never ever had anyone make such a fuss about not being seen or security. It was absurd, and it put a bad taste in my mouth for her. NO ONE would have bothered her in the club -- hell, celebs came in all the time and were never bothered -- and it made me think that she thinks she is more important than she really is.
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  9. I'm sure SJP and Kim Cattrall are both extremely difficult people with strong personalities so they've always clashed.
  10. This sounds like exaggerated fan fiction but your mileage may vary!
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  11. For me SATC ended with the series and I'm at peace with that.
  12. Oh no, I didn’t mean she was using her brothers death; she said it before didn’t she.

    What I’m saying is that it came from nowhere. It was thought that they didn’t get on but those rumours stemmed from Cattrall holding the first film up because she wanted more money (which, fair enough, she was allowed to do) but now it seems like Kim doesn’t want to do SATC3, the press won’t stop hounding her and so she’s trying “stop asking me! It was a terrible time for me! SJP was horrible” to get them to stop.

    Yet, when you read what’s supposed to have happened, it was apparently a ‘Mean Girls’ scenario on set & it was 3 v 1. Cynthia also commented on her Instagram but she didn’t get a lashing? Kristin never calls her either but she didn’t get called out on Piers Morgan.

    I just can’t see the woman who walks around New York narrating Instagram videos of old brownstones & trying to help businesses that are going under & saying goodbye to old bars by reminiscing about times spent in there is the same woman who ignites so much hatred because she tried to turn the cast against one actress.

    Again, she’s been in lots of films & TV series and you don’t get that vibe from any other cast she’s worked with? I’d be happy to eat my words if anyone else came forward but I’m almost certain they wouldn’t because that’s not who she is.
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  13. When they re-booted Ghostbusters with women they should re-boot SATC with men.

    I'm joking of course. It would be awful.
  14. There must be something more to the recent movie rumours - the fact the other minor cast members were told it was happening etc must have meant there was something agreed. It won't have been SJP on the phone ringing everyone up it must have been the production company who would have been told to get everyone booked. Something obviously happened.
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  15. ... Is that it? The evil KC, demanded a clear path to her table and had security surrounding her? The next worst thing after the Nazis. Or do you mean that she eventually did not pay enough to the shop to justify her demands? Surely the shop owner wouldn't have agreed to all that if they thought it was not worth it? I swear to God every single time I hear a story about Diva demands regarding anyone I roll my eyes so hard I get a mild headache. I wish I was famous just so that I could do all sorts of crazy shit to rile people up. I'd be ordering for real-life monkeys hanging from the ceiling, and someone standing beside me so that I can spit in their mouth whenever I want.
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  16. I think that since they knew Kim was being difficult but eventually saying yes before, they assumed that getting everything ready to go would make her feel like she couldn't afford to say no anymore and change her mind, just like before.
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  17. Ah yes, where is that third series of Looking
  18. I want a new movie because I hate the idea of Sex and the City being remembered as that pile of bottom-of-the-barrel garbage, when it actually featured some of the smartest writing and beloved characters of its time. They need to rekindle that magic for a measly two hours and remind people that we're talking about Carrie Bradshaw and Samantha Jones, here, not two petty actors.

    It's like if Star Wars called it a day at The Phantom Menace.
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  19. Sorry for the length of this.

    Who says she doesn't want the press? Has she specifically said that she doesn't want to be asked about it or being mentioned in association to it? That seems very weird, haven't seen any examples of that in this thread at least. She has just used a Sex and the City hashtag in one of her instagram posts regarding her brother.
    And the press is only getting more interested? They don't exactly stop while you're feeding them scandals.

    Because Kristin had no part in saying how shocked everyone was that Kim quit? The discussion with Piers Morgan was about how Sarah publicly handled that specific fact, what does Kristin have to do with it? Did she publicly accuse Kim of anything?

    Similarly, we have no reason to know why Kim would have no issue with Cynthia, whereas we know exactly why she'd take issue with Sarah publicly sending her condolences for her brother's death after the 3rd movie situation alone.

    As for why Kim would only hold a grudge against Sarah for something that the other girls also took part in? I could hypothesize a billion different scenarios. It all depends on the tiniest details of their relationships all these years that we have no clue about.

    People are only terrible to everybody or not terrible at all? I think it is entirely possible for someone to hurt you even though they are "the nicest person I know" for pretty much everyone else.
  20. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't start calling people without something being a bit firmer than that. KC definitely isn't as clean cut in that situation as shes made out.
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