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Sarah Jessica Parker hints that Sex And The City could return

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by spillett, Sep 26, 2016.

  1. Seems legit. Awkward but legitimate. If she's had just said "no comment" it would have added a lot more fuel to the fire so she replied as best she could.
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  2. And now Andy Cohen is jumping in to defend SJP.

    Can they not just fucking leave it alone for a while so Kim can deal with her personal tragedy?
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  3. I really really like Kim but I honestly feel like SJP is being given a hard time here.
  4. They seem well-suited to each other.
  5. I like him but now the headlines are 'Andy Cohen jumps to SJP's defence' and I bet Kim will be asked to comment on it.
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  6. I feel like this is only going to escalate. And I am here for it because it looks like a very interesting case, even though everyone will look ugly and feel terrible in the end.
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  7. This thread:
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  8. Andy’s besties with SJP so it was only a matter of time before he’d come to her defence to be fair..
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  9. SJP was kind of in a no-win scenario with that question. You don't say no comment if you're asked that on camera, how weird would that be.
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  10. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    Let me rephrase my "no comment" suggestion as I accept that's a little blunt - there are a number of ways you can answer a question like that without making it all about you and how nice you're being. "I've contacted her privately, it's awful news and I don't think it would be appropriate for me to talk about it publically."

    And.. you know, that would have been the adult way to do it, and not communicate through media outlets. That she insists on doing so suggests she's doing exactly what Kim's accusing her of.
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  11. Yes but it’s easier in hindsight to say she should say this or that, it happened in a moment it’s not like she had time to think of the most appropriate response.
  12. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    Of course, but this has been splashed across celebrity news for weeks, she's had time to think about how to respond to questions about Kim Cattrall, the fact her brother died is secondary in this, Kim's made it clear she doesn't consider Sarah a friend and doesn't want anything to do with her. At best it was stupid to do more of the thing that's made Kim mad at her, and at worst it's extremely calculating.
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  13. The media are the ones making this into something bigger than it should be, which is so disrespectful to Kim who should be left to grieve.
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  14. This is true. I personally do not blame Sarah for how she handled this particular situation.
    I simply understand why Kim would react the way she did.
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  15. I agree she’s going through a lot and I’m sure emotions are high. I like both of them it’s a shame it’s come to this.
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  16. I didn't want to reply to each of your points because the discussion has moved past it, I just wanted to clarify what Kristin had to do with is:

    In the Piers Morgan interview Kim doesn't just mention Sarah Jessica. She says 'the other girls' a few times and that "we've never been friends, we've been colleagues" before she even goes on about how Sarah Jessica "could've been nicer". Piers asks her if she's friends with any of them and she tells him they're 10 years younger and have kids so, no. He then asks her when was the last time she spoke to any of them and she says "it must have been some event, must be years ago, I don't even remember". In the same interview she says that her preference would have been for someone to pick up the phone to ask her to do the film, that she categorically doesn't want to do the film and that she hasn't spoken to any of the girls for years. So it's not just SJP that didn't call her.. none of them called. And they have all spoken about a third film, it's just that Sarah's interviews get all the traction. I think she's very conflicted and had they been, what she perceived as, 'nicer' she probably could have been talked around.

    I don't know, I'm quite sad over the whole thing. As a lover of Sex and the City, you do become attached to the actresses as well as the characters so it's upsetting to see it not being all roses.
    I'm just hoping they can use this, later on, as something to begin to build bridges with. I do wonder though if they'd be able to talk her in to being in the 3rd movie to kill her off. Even if it was just a few scenes at the beginning, as Samantha was at her most endearing when she was sick in the show. It'd be nice for closure.. ah, I guess we can dream.
  17. Of course it's not just Sarah that didn't call her. But it's Sarah who could have called her if she was going to make a big deal about the third film suddenly being canceled/dropped/whatever, which is why it is Sarah that she called out for it and no other girl. She was feeling like Sarah was putting her on the spot whereas she could have just called if she was concerned about it.

    edit: I do not mind that we are having this conversation by the way, I genuinely want to share with you how I view all these events because I see what a different perspective we have about them.
  18. It's bizarre to me when I read people say they can't watch the show anymore or it will never be the same to watch because of this. Why? They are actors not Samantha and Carrie Why should it bother you that they don't get on? They will always get on when you re-watch the show in that fictional world the writers and their performances created.

    It's truly bizarre that fans of a show or film get so invested in the actors liking each other in the real world.
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  19. I don't mind having the conversation either, I think it's healthy to have two sides.

    That being said.. haha, I think the way it fell timing-wise, it was only Sarah that had anything to promote or give an interview about. Kristin did tweet a whole thing at the end of September that she was sad & disappointed the movie wasn't happening so she was also very vocal about the situation. Out of the three, Cynthia's probably been the quietest about it all. She's very good at brushing it off and saying "we're hopeful!" to appease the fans.
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  20. Cynthia is running for New York governor and will serve as the Vice President to Kamala Harris and/or Elizabeth Warren before running herself and we will deal.
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