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Sarah Jessica Parker hints that Sex And The City could return

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by spillett, Sep 26, 2016.

  1. Cynthia is running for New York governor and will serve as the Vice President to Kamala Harris and/or Elizabeth Warren before running herself and we will deal.
  2. I'm reading Andy Cohen's book and I was totally riveted by a story from 2014 where they arranged for SJP to surprise Kim live on air when she was doing Watch What Happens Live. There's a lot of back-and-forth between Andy and SJP because SJP is worried her showing up as a surprise will be misconstrued. When Kim arrives to the taping he goes to talk to her and brings up SJP but she doesn't ""hear"" him say SJP's name and just ignores it. In the end SJP is stuck at a dinner and the segment never happens.

    The way the story is told makes it seem totally innocent but looking back their whole conflict is right there on the page. RIVETING.
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  3. I was surprised to see this feud on the cover of all the tabloid magazines at the supermarket today. Mess, but an A-list mess, apparently.
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  4. I'm sorry that Kim's brother died.

    I'm kinda on neither woman's side because I think both of them are old enough to know BETTER.

    And why would anyone want a third movie when we already have Insecure? Gurl, bye.
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  5. We also have Divorce (HBO) which is better and funnier than SATC ever was.
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  6. This is incorrect in so many ways, but I'm still watching.
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  7. It was and still is probably one of my favourite shows of all time the first three seasons in particular are TV Gold.

    I like to pretend that the movies never happened for me as I really appreciate the ending of the six season and I personally can use my own imagination as to how the girls lived out the rest of their lives and don’t need every story & character to be wrapped up in a big pink bow as I feel the movies tried so hard to do.
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  8. The first movie is kind of a guilty pleasure for me, it was unnecessary but thoroughly enjoyable.That scene where they all fat-shame Samantha still pisses me off though.
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  9. As does the earnest, slightly problematic(?) Jennifer Hudson character. Oh, and the way Carrie rejects that asian hunty for the assistant role solely on the grounds that likes wearing women’s shoes/does drag despite the fact he has impressive credentials.

    These are only minor gripes when compared to the second film obviously.
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  10. I hope Ryan Murphy is taking notes, this'll be a fabulous season of Feud.
  11. The racist undertones in the first one make it difficult to watch now (Miranda following the white family in a rundown area to find a good place to live, everything said by Charlotte in & re: Mexico), but it was a really fun film. I've blocked the 2nd one from my memory & I hope to keep it that way.
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  12. Poor me... when I got a BluRay player (in preparation for Sticky & Sweet, what a tool) I desperately wanted something to watch and after rummaging through 900 action trash movies I decided on the just released first movie. It cost me €45.

    I watched and wanted to stomp on both the disc and the player.
  13. I still to this day do not get why no one said 'hey, you know all these racist Mexican jokes in the script... maybe we should leave them out?'. Bizarre
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  14. The show wasn’t great when it came to PoC in general. While Samantha and Miranda dated black men, the storylines mostly revolved around the novelty of them being black and the Samantha one was mostly about her dealing with an angry black woman stereotype of a character (the sister).

    Other not so great PoC moments:
    - “Fiery” Maria
    - Sum, the asian servant employed by one of Samantha’s love interests (“she wasn’t so dim, that Sum”)
    - Miranda’s useless asian housekeeper who Miranda loves because she doesn’t /can’t speak (I think this was pre-Magda)
    - a random Indian busboy who Samantha rejects even when she’s feeling desperate (why did he need to be Indian with a heavy Indian accent?)
    - the Chinese newspaper vendor who pities Carrie when she appears on the cover of that magazine looking like shit and she’s enraged by the fact that someone so lowly dares pity her

    As the films were shit versions of the show x10, it only makes sense that the racism was made more overt, more “comical”. I loved the character of Miranda but the line “White guy with a baby! Follow the white guy with a baby!” in the first film was appalling.
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  15. Saying a lot without saying anything!
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  16. Kinda looks like a new show on Netflix.
  17. Gag at the end with her campaign choosing to focus on her first name rather than second...
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  18. Yesterday I caught a rerun of a Murder She Wrote episode from the late 80s where before landing the flight attendant asks the travelers to put out their cigarettes. Yes, smoking on an airplane.
    I felt so offended they aired such an offensive episode. I think they should remove it from syndication.
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