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Sarah Jessica Parker hints that Sex And The City could return

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by spillett, Sep 26, 2016.

  1. Oh lord.

    Now it's getting tedious.
  2. If we want to look on the bright side; this whole fiasco is probably more entertaining than the second movie...
  3. What they should have done was killed off Samantha having some double in a Sam wig get hit by a car in a cold open, then immediately have the SATC theme music play. The movie then goes to her funeral (after the fabulous credits) where there's rows and rows of Samantha's suitors and hilarity ensues. Then the girls get approached by Elon Musk ( another former lover) to give Samantha the most fabulous burial ever known, to scatter her ashes in space.

    They go of course.

    In a rocket ship shaped like a cosmo.
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  4. * @ the funeral Miranda and Charlotte watch as Samantha arrives with Carrie*

    Miranda: It's so sweet of Carrie to give Samatha a traditional horse-drawn hearse.

    Samantha: Neigh, surprise bitch.

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  5. This is all pretty decent promo for a third film though. Such a waste.

    ...Or is it?
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  6. Or we get the classic TV opening, but the bus doesn't just soak Carrie and her tutu, it also hits Samantha.
  7. Or the film opens with the excerpt from the Morgan interview where Kim says we'll never see her as Samantha again, Samantha watching it and laughing like a maniac.
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  8. And, even after all this, I still think Kim will be in the next sequel.
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  9. Source
  10. Recasting Samantha would be awful. Kim and the character go hand-in-hand. If there's ever a third film, they either need all four girls, or find a way to write out and work around whoever doesn't want to do it.
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  11. Let's be honest, Ryan would give the role to Sarah Paulson...
  12. To be honest I feel like it'll still happen eventually.

    I thought the first film was great but the second one was a complete mess. I feel like they should do a third one just to try and right their wrongs with that travesty of a second film or just bring it back as a limited series.

    Get Meryl to play Samantha.
  13. Lea Michele or that Chris Colfer would get the role if Ryan had any say.

    It's a shame they couldn't just get Samantha to be the matriarch and be absent throughout the movie and then come with open arms during the story's third and final act to pretty much resolve whatever self-absorbed/surface-level/neurotic problem that Carrie/Charlotte/Miranda (respectively? TBD) would find themselves in. Low commitment, high pay, redeeming character arc.
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  14. Are we surprised this is Ryan Murphy's solution? He has had such 'good taste' with all he has given us recently (minus Normal Heart)...
  15. We had the quote, now there's video.

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  16. It was going so well until she started trying to hand her cast offs to the african americans and hispanics.
    I get what she was trying to say, but it was still a little patronising.

    Either way, she's doing us all a favour sparing us all of this soulless cash cow.
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  17. I’m not sure she came off that well from that interview to be honest specifically about sex and the city. Not sure I believe her either. “No one picks up the phone” yet she didn’t either! There’s definitely more to it.
  18. Her situation with the others seems to mirror Teri Hatcher on Desperate Housewives exactly.

    Only thing is Teri has had reports of being difficult on other sets notably the James Bond film she did. I don't know if Cattrall has a bad reputation on anything else?

    In saying that I love knowing the truth even if it's ugly and not what I'd like to hear. Some fans of show can't accept that it's just actors and they aren't actually the characters.
  19. There are many similar occurrences, but I think it's at least somewhat different, what with Teri being the "lead", and the alleged jealousy that came along with that.
    At the time, it was mostly only Sarah Jessica and Kim that were reportedly butting heads, if I'm remembering correctly.
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