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Sarah Jessica Parker hints that Sex And The City could return

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by spillett, Sep 26, 2016.

  1. There are many similar occurrences, but I think it's at least somewhat different, what with Teri being the "lead", and the alleged jealousy that came along with that.
    At the time, it was mostly only Sarah Jessica and Kim that were reportedly butting heads, if I'm remembering correctly.
  2. Cattrall has had a long career. From Porky's to Police Academy to Big Trouble in Little China and Mannequin to the sixth Star Trek film and many television credits along the way. I've never heard her be called difficult. However, the more she discusses this, the worse she comes off.
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  3. I guess she has nothing to lose she's in her sixties and her best days career wise are behind her. I appreciate honesty over fakeness.
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  4. Every time I hear a woman in the entertainment biz be described as "difficult", it reeks of sexism. I never hear of difficult men in the arts, only men who demand quality and/or respect for their achievements.

    I could assume that Meryl Streep is probably more than anyone, "difficult", but she's got Oscar noms and wins, so everyone just writes it off as her being "method" or getting in the zone.
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  5. pdf


    Both seasons of Sensitive Skin are on Netflix UK. Watch them. Kim Cattrall is a really great actress. She'll be fine without Sex & The Shitty.
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  6. I loved Sensitive Skin.
  7. There is no 'the more' though, it's just unfortunate we've been drip-fed bits from that cunt's interview with her for what feels like forever, making it seem she can't stop talking about it.
  8. She was fucking fantastic in Big Trouble in Little China.

  9. The fact is that she didn’t want to do a third film and now she’s getting flack for it (not necessasarily here). After the stinking turd of the second film (and the wildly inappropriate scenes of her screaming “I HAVE SEX!” and brandishing condoms at Muslim men) who could blame her? It was absolutely horrifying to watch.

    As @torontodj has said, nobody has ever gone on record as saying that Kim is difficult to work with. On the contrary, she is often praised for being warm, accessible and professional.

    Also she was flawless in Star Trek VI. A great role!
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  10. Why is that inappropriate? (mind you, haven't seen the second film yet)
  11. It's awful and tacky and is certainly not something anyone would do if they were visiting the country...

    Give it a watch, and die of second half embarrassment, like I did in the cinema.
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  12. The infamous scene in question:

    It's so horrendous and undignified, it's practically iconic (and probably why Kim has refused to ever play Samantha Jones ever again).
  13. I can't spoil watching the movie at some point (I have it on bluray). Is it not just her speaking out about oppression of women in that country then?
  14. She is literally, in the middle of a busy marketplace, screeching 'I have sex' like a deranged banshee while making thrusting motions and waving condoms around. It's utterly embarrassing.

    The movie is genuinely racist and completely disrespectful and tone deaf anyway, Samantha acting in a completely undignified manner throughout is just the cherry on top.
  15. I too love Taylor Swift's "reputation"-era moodboard.
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  16. The best part though is that the next scene where they're like "omg! women who wear burkas wear actual clothes?" and then it gets even worse when they all come out disguised in the burkas. It's like some Carry On sketch on how to be as tone deaf as possible.
  17. I wouldn’t say it’s racist but it is very disrespectful and tone deaf.

    It was like they completely forgot what the show was about and it became all about extravagance and money.

    The most ridiculous scene was when the Muslim women saved them and they were all wearing the Louis Vuitton Spring collection underneath their abayas.

    I mean COME ON.
  18. It’s totally beneath an actor of Kim’s calibre, in my opinion.
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  19. All these years later, I still, for the life of me, cannot understand how anyone allowed that sequel to get past the script stage. Who actually thought it was a good idea? It's like they got a deal to shoot in Abu Dhabi and said "Okay, let's take it out of NYC - which is basically the fifth leading character of SATC - and save some money."

    I will go on record as saying I really like the first film. I know it has its problems, but it has been playing on television lately and it holds up almost a decade later. There is a confidence in the script and execution. I think Sarah gives a strong performance, especially the post-failed wedding scenes. There's some genuinely affecting scenes like Samantha feeding Carrie, Steve and Miranda on the Brooklyn Bridge and the scene that always gets me - Auld Lang Syne (a beautiful rendition).

    The sequel is an abomination. Its Razzie Awards were justified (and giving an incredible actress like Cynthia Nixon a Razzie seems like some bad dream but...). Just recalling what a step down it was from the first film, I totally understand Kim walking away.
  20. Grace and Frankie = current Sex and the City

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