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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LE0Night, Nov 24, 2017.

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  4. Canyon is brilliant.
  5. Canyon is beautiful. I'm going to have to check out her other material
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  7. This is the perfect companion to Aly & AJ's new album. Only on track two, but it's great! I appreciate the track lengths too!
  8. Really digging the album so far. The tempo was a bit slower across the board than I initially anticipated but the synths really pull together a beautiful atmosphere. I feel like the album will continue to blossom for me but 17 Pounds and Love Bliss are the current ethereal faves.

    Thank you for the tag @LeBratt!
  9. I thought you might like it based on your posts in other threads! It really is a grower of an album and much more moody than her other albums, but for me it builds upon and succeeds to improve on a lot of what's made me drawn to her first two albums, while also adding something new to her sound. And the way she plays with her voice a lot more. Ugh, Anywhere is just making me a puddle of tears, while Love So Cruel has one hell of a chorus!!
  10. Hello! I discovered VIRGO last night thanks to someone posting about it on social media. The album seems cinematic in a way and I appreciate that. I need a couple of more listens to really get to know the album, though, but for now I am fascinated with the sound and her singing.
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  11. This album is incredible! There’s not one dud on the whole record, and Sarah sounds fantastic as always. Canyon, Anywhere, Fever Dream, Love So Cruel and Love Bliss are stand-outs.

    And how dare she with that album cover? A work of art.
  12. Ghost Killer is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard.
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  13. I'm deeply obsessed with this album. It's so dreamy in both soundscape but also how she writes: the songs paint in broad strokes while also having this confessional element that makes them feel intimate.

    Fever Dream is also one of the most deceivingly catchy songs of the year. The chorus melody is constantly rolling around in my head since I first listened.
  14. Ugh I’m glad I waited to give this my first listen when I could really digest it cause I feel like I always underrate Ms Klang! What a gorgeous, cohesive album! 17 Pounds is a wallop of an opener and Canyon does something for my soul! I totally echo how much I enjoy hearing her play with her voice! I mean her tone is already so unique and textured to hear her push herself more vocally makes for such a rewarding listen!
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  15. Fever Dream may be the most romantic song I've heard all year? There's such a longing to it but it doesn't feel bittersweet despite the subject being ambiguously unrequited: it feels dreamy and pensive in a genuinely hopeful way.
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