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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by dietcokeaddict, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. Let's get ready to Amelia Lily this!
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  2. The new unreleased album project to find.
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  3. And fund!
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  4. So Sarah is sending out the full Living Proof album to anybody who wants it, just head over to her Facebook and message her your email address
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  5. Thanks for the heads up. Gave it a whirl.
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  6. WOW! I'm gonna do this, I've only recently been obsessively listening to When I Lost You and Automatic. I actually back in the day paid £25 on Ebay to a seller who said they had Living Proof and when it came it was just remixes and 2 new songs with a home made printed CD.
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  7. I just messaged her and she sent a link immediately- such a lovely lady!
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  8. What's the album like?
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  9. What is the tracklist?
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  10. She didn't send me a link.........
  11. How long ago did you DM her?
  12. about 2 hours
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  13. Maybe it was the wrong account? It was SarahWhatmoreMusic?
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  14. I think you got the right account. I don't think she's been active on Facebook for about 3 hours so maybe she hasn't logged in again.
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  15. I'm using this as the cover:
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  16. PM me the link please. I am desperate for this album.

    Was so sad when this album was cancelled.
  17. Howling at this. Still waiting for Sarah to slide in my PMs!
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  18. Did "Living Proof" (the album) finally get leaked as rumored, then? Can't seem to find anything about it.
  19. Sarah leaked it herself.
  20. But where? It is not available anywhere --sad face--
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