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Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by Euphoria, Feb 3, 2022.

  1. Is there really no love for Sasami on Popjustice? I'm shocked, but that's okay.

    She's releasing her second album Squeeze this month (Feb. 25) and is going down a unique Nu-Metal x Indie Rock route, think recent Poppy mixed with Sheryl Crow ddd.


    I'm a huge fan of the songs she's released from the new album so far, so I figure maybe some of the Alternativejustice girls might be on board?

    For fans of: Mitski, Poppy, Sheryl Crow, Yeule, Sky Ferreira

    Latest single, Say It:

    + The Greatest (more Sheryl), Skin a Rat + Sorry Entertainer (more Poppy):

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  2. Oh yas I was wondering if we had a thread! I really liked her debut (Pacify My Heart in particular) and I've been mostly observing the second album rollout from afar so that it's all fresh, but the visual direction is really exciting.
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  3. She just released a new single from the album today, and I think it’s my favorite so far!

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  4. Ooh I love Sasami, didn't know she had announced a new album. Let me catch up on these singles.

    Looking at the tracklist, kinda sad this jam didn't make the cut:
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  5. The album's finally out, and it's amazing!

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  6. Yeah the album is as good as the prereleases I'm super happy with it. Love every song.
  7. Wow I am instantly loving this.
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  8. I've been spending more time with it and I think the album works marvelously in giving further shades to her sound. It reminds me of Raveena's recent album in that sense, not so much sonically (at all nn) but in terms of how it feels like a satisfying realization of their respective debuts.

    I thought my favorite moments would be the more subdued ones, and while Not a Love Song may be my favorite thing here that early pairing of The Greatest and Say It is a total homerun.
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  9. Loving this album!
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  10. 7.2 from Pitchfork, glad to see her get more coverage from them! I thought this was a particularly insightful point in regards to the album's sound which I've had a hard time articulating:
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  11. She’s opening for Mitski on the European tour and I might actually be more excited for the opening act on this one
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  12. Finally listened to this and it's really good! So many subgenres of rock on one album. I love it.
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  13. Tried to Understand is turning into one of my favorite songs of the year, I feel like the album itself is going to be a dark horse.
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