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Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by nooniebao, Oct 28, 2017.

  1. Singer-songwriter Sasha Sloan dropped her first single Ready Yet today! She co-wrote Camila Cabello’s OMG, Maggie Lindemann’s Pretty Girl and has been collaborating a lot with Noonie Bao and Charli XCX in recent months. She’s featured on Kygo’s Stargazing EP too.

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  2. I’m obsessed with her the past couple of weeks. She’s great on social media, very wry and funny, and her song writing is excellent. Her sound is very Spotify-pop but made by a real person and not focus grouped to death.

    Anyways, ‘Ready Yet’, ‘I’ll Be There’, and ‘This Town’ are all perfect to me. @Noir @backstreetjoe Thoughts? Charli, Noonie and I can’t be wrong.
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  4. Ready Yet is nice. Not a massive fan of the Kygo sound.
  5. 360


    She has a lovely, enchanting voice and the production behind her is insane. Great music, and I'm loving her handful of tracks so far. Some of the best music I've heard in forever. One to watch, as I want more.

    I know her from her feature on ODESZA's latest album, the best track on the record, Falls:

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  6. Runaway and I’ll Be There are so good.

  7. She is amazing. Gorgeous, simple, catchy, melodic. I love that her universe in all of her own music is so small. No negative connotation there either, it’s just all so personal, intimate, romantic, and heartbreaking.

    @nooniebao @backstreetjoe @Noir
  8. She also released "Normal Girl" on Friday. I think it's my favourite so far.

    I'm really digging this new trend of releasing double A-sides in the streaming era.

    She seems to be friends with Charli XCX and Noonie Bao (co-wrote "Never Be The Same" for Camila together) so I guess only good things can come from her, really.
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  9. She self-released an album under her real name Sasha Yatchenko in 2012, but it's no longer available to listen to. I wonder what her music sounded like back then.
  10. Normal is lovely isn’t it? So simple but so affecting.
  11. ‘Normal’ is actually my least favorite right now out of her tracks. It’s a little bit too twee, something her other songs avoid.

    Not that it’s bad, but it’s kind of a Julia Micheals track with even less instrumentation.
  12. Where is all this Spotify promo coming from? Is she signed to a major label?
  13. 'Fall' is massive
  14. Two new songs Hurt and Here are dropping tonight. She’s also featured on a promo single for Spotify with Nina Nesbitt and Charlotte Lawrence.

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  15. Another double single release!

  16. I really think we're onto something special here. That's 6 amazing solo tracks so far.
  17. Not that I'm aware of, but she doesn't need one to get Spoti promo anyway. Spotify has this campaign of promoting songwriters (the Secret Genius program for example) and she's had moderate success as one ("OMG", "Never Be The Same", "Pretty Girl", "Just Hold On", "Phases", "This Town"...) so it's a good look for them to promote her. Her campaign is like a lite version of the Julia Michaels initial push, but without Republic and the "Sorry" namedrop.

    The music is fantastic, though. Glad she's getting buzz.
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