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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by inanotherlife, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. I can't believe there hasn't been a topic created for this show yet!

    One of the best shows ever shown on TV making stars of the likes of Kristin Wiig, Amy Poehler, Tina Fey to name a few.

    It's back on 22nd Sept with Joseph Gordon-Levitt as host and Mumford & Sons as the musical guests.

    Honestly don't know what they will do without Wiig and Samberg this year, Abby Elliott was the only one who could take their place and now she's gone.
  2. I watch this show every week, but it's extremely hit and miss. Some weeks the entire HOUR AND A HALF is awful! And sometimes there's some hilarious stuff. I keep watching anticipation of the Target Lady.
  3. Love this show through all decades! Excited to see what newbies we have to change up the dynamic this season. The ones who just left were the stars of the cast for the past few seasons.
  4. Hopefully this will be the time to give Nasim Pedrad her time to shine, she has been overlooked.
  5. Last night's episode was amazing!

    Absolutely love Vanessa Bayer as Honey Boo Boo Child!
  6. It was back last night!

    Vanessa Bayer as Honey Boo Boo Child was amazing!
  7. Frank Ocean was amazing. John Mayer was kinda creepy. Hah!

    Seth MacFarlane was pretty good I thought... And yes that Honey Boo Boo bit with the mother had me in stitches!!!
  8. "It feels so weird to be dry."

    The puppets. OH MY GOD THE PUPPETS.
  9. Everything is fabulous!
  10. They've finally started an account on Youtube and seem to be uploading absolutely everything:

    I've always loved what I've seen of this show and it's so frustrating being in the UK and not being able to watch it. Any recommendations for decent sketches to hunt down? Anything Tina/Amy/Kristen/Maya-related will do me.
  11. This is the one to watch with those four in it. Genuinely one of my favourite things to be broadcast, ever. [video=youtube;BSDmnNbE87c][/video]

    These are some of my other favourites with those (mainly the last three):

    Annoyingly they haven't uploaded some of the very best (I couldn't find any with Amy Poehler as Amber, any Wake Up Wakefield, or Gemini's Twin).
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  12. I'm not even being dramatic when I say Kristen Wiig is the funniest human on the planet, has been since the dawn of man, and will be until the apocalypse. Barely a sentence goes by where I don't laugh.
  13. I'm really enjoying this season so far. With all of the old stalwarts gone (with the exception of Kenan), it's refreshing to see the newer cast members get the chance in the spotlight they deserve. Cecily Strong, in particular, has been a very good addition to Weekend Update. She's still a little rough around the edges with the format, but she's hilarious and she'll smooth them out as time goes on.

    The Tina Fey and Miley Cyrus episodes were pretty enjoyable*. The Bruce Willis episode was absolutely abysmal, but that's to be predicted -- whenever SNL runs for three consecutive weekends, the third episode always seems to suffer from having completely run out of good ideas. I mean, seriously, who thought that the Lady Gaga Talk Show sketch was a good idea? It's literally rehashing two very funny sketches from recent seasons -- The Miley Cyrus Talk Show (also fronted by Vanessa Bayer) and the Pantene commercial with Sofia Vergara and Kate McKinnon's Penelope Cruz -- and making sure that the result is less funny than the originals. Plus, Vanessa's Gaga impression has nothing on her Miley impression.

    Some predictions for how the rest of the season will play out, based on the season so far:

    - Taran Killam, as one of the strongest overall performers of the current cast, will probably be shoehorned into more and more sketches for most of the season, as Kristen Wiig was a few seasons back (though I do love Kristen!), before they finally pull back.
    - At least two of the six (!) featured players will "mutually agree" to part ways with the show/be fired. As it stands right now, my bets are on Mike O'Brien (who will probably return to the writer's table) and Kyle Mooney.
    - When Seth finally leaves the Weekend Update desk, Cecily will be paired up with another female in hopes of recreating the Tina/Amy magic.
    - I had another one, but now I can't remember it. Shit.

    *Said knowing that there's always at least one or two sketches that are complete stinkers, even in the best episodes.
  14. Vanessa's Gaga impression was AWFUL, which is such a shame because she's one of my favourite cast-members at the moment. Her Miley is amazing, and her impression of Shoshanna on Girls was spot-on.

    Taran is definitely the new big male cast member which is nice, I like him more than I liked Armisen/Forte (probably on a par with Hader).

    I wish they would use Nasim Pedrad more, I love her.
  15. Amazing, thank you! I loved that first one - them all fighting and Tina singing her song! I didn't realise Julia Louis Dreyfus was on SNL either. I keep finding every comedic actor I loved was an SNL cast member.
  16. Justin Timberlake in that Target one! He's brilliant!
  17. Agreed. Nasim is very underutilized. She's no Kristen Wiig or Amy Poehler when it comes to determining the alpha female performer of SNL, but she's very good at portraying certain kinds of characters that the other females couldn't -- well, perhaps Noël Wells could, but that remains to be seen since they haven't really used her a whole lot yet.

    On a side note, I have to admit, I do kind of miss Abby Elliott, if only for Bein' Quirky with Zooey Deschanel.

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Don't worry...Noël's Zooey impression is AMAZING. I would link you all to her SNL audition tape, but she's privated it on youtube. *sideeyes*
  19. The Dakota Fanning Show hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  20. OMG They have a channel now! YAY.

    I can relive all the Kristen Wiig's funny moments. I can't for the life of me remember the skit where she plays this Jessica Rabit character and then farts and burps.I used to laugh so hard at that.

    This is one of the golden ones:
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