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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by inanotherlife, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. That's what happened when you get the Ultimate Momager on side
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  2. It's definitely time for Kate and probably Kyle too. Aidy I'm really sad about. Hopefully they all get a great send-off sketch tonight.
  3. News of Pete leaving broke first so there was also a wave of articles just about him going. The rest came a few hours later.
  4. Curious to see what Kyle does next! He doesn’t strike me as the type for a Shrill/Parks & Rec/whatever lead role and as far as I’m aware he hasn’t done many film roles?

    Maybe he’ll link up with Beck again and kissdo a sketch show.
  5. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I would've thought Cecily would want to leave alongside Kate and Aidy, but then again, I (like most people) thought Beck and Kyle would leave together and that didn't happen.

    I'm sad to see Aidy and Kyle go, but it's time. It's been long overdue for Kate and Pete to exit.

    Also not that it was rumoured or anything but I thought Aristotle might get the boot. I can't recall him in anything other than his Angelo sketch, compared to the other featured players who've all had multiple moments throughout the season.
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  6. I got pretty emotional at their exits teebs! I feel each of them had a great send off. Aidy in particular got me when her voice cracked at the end of Trend Forecasters.

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  7. I feel Kate anchors the show for me so I see her leaving as major, alongside Aidy.
    With Kyle and Pete it feels right. Kenan could also go and maybe even Colin and Michael.

    I'm not overly impressed with Aristotle, Punky or James. Andrew is ok. Sarah is the best by far of the new crop.

  9. Honestly, yes
  10. I'm lov him

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