Saturday Night Live

SNL has a killer line up for these last three episodes, which was to be expected after the strike (I give equal credit to the killer run they went on last season making the show a real destination again after the COVID years though). It's still exciting. Adam Driver and Emma Stone always kill it and haven't been on the show since before the pandemic, Olivia did great last time she was on. Billie is their new Miley in a way, and Kate gets her homecoming show.


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It always seemed so strange to me that Emma did her four hosting stints and then didn't show up again for years. I'm so excited to see her episode.

And this shouldn't have made me laugh as hard as it did nn, it's such a simple setup but she's just perfect in it.

Most of the skits he was in were basically written around how hot he is. The AA meeting skit was the best of the bunch. They almost ALL broke out in laughter.

He’s got charisma for sure, and is gorgeous to look at but he couldn’t keep his eyes off the cue cards for the most part.

Weekend Update was a dud.
The way they had to get Rachel McAdams to do more than the standard "surprise introduce the musician" they've been doing this season says it all.


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I actually think the bowling sketch was a great idea, but it probably would've worked better as a pretape.

The punchline for the AA-meeting sketch being Mikey coming back to say "you only let him in cause he's hot" was astonishingly bad. Everyone breaking when Punkie got her boobs out was the best part of the episode but I couldn't believe how weak the ending of that sketch was.


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You guys thought last week was bad... this week's episode was rough. The first sketch (who chose that to lead the night?!) was the most unfunny sketch I can recall in a long, long time.

Thank god for the Please Don't Destroy sketch and Heidi's bit in Weekend Update. Otherwise the episode was basically a write-off for me.

The Shane Gillis who made fun of Asian people and used gay slurs is hosting a show that Bowen Yang is unquestionably one of the top 5 stars of? Interesting choice from Lorne there.