Saturday Night Live

Well, my head must be very low to the ground then as the purported joke flew right over my head. And the eyeball on my back didn’t notice it either.
God, what a balm to have (the increasingly queer-coded) SNL in the same week that Netflix was celebrating painfully unfunny straight men through their Roast of Tom Brady and Kevin Hart's Mark Twain Prize special.

I just know Bowen Yang was responsible for this sketch. Who else would combine references to Lauren Bacall's notorious 1970s High Point Coffee commercials and the recently leaked outtakes from Faye Dunaway's 1990s TV spot?

Overall a kind of rocky season, but at the end of the day my only real beef with the show is that Che and Jost are going to be staying on until season 50 when they just keep phoning it in behind the desk. They should've left by now, it's kind of awful.

Starting with Ayo Edebiri the last run of hosts were all pretty spectacular (noting here that Shane Gillis is not included in my praise!). Even if some of them didn't have the best material, there was at least a sketch in every episode I'd count among the seasons best. In his monologue Jake Gyllenhaal made a joke about how he was their third choice, but he took the show out on an incredibly high note. More of this please:
All the talk of who will replace Lorne when he retires, I was very on board with the Tina Fey suggestion, but now I’m also enjoying the idea of Kenan taking over?
I thought they were maybe gearing up for this season to be Kenan's last - he's been basically the MVP these last few months. I'm happy with zero cast turnover before the 50th though.