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Save Your Rates For Someone Like Me: Allie X Rate #18

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by SophiaSophia, Nov 16, 2020.


Favourite Allie X Release?

  1. CollXtion I

    15 vote(s)
  2. CollXtion II: Ʉnsolved

    1 vote(s)
  3. CollXtion II

    5 vote(s)
  4. Super Sunset

    19 vote(s)
  5. Cape God

    12 vote(s)
  1. I'm not here for this June Gloom hate. It was my lockdown bop.
  2. A lockdown ANTHEM. Yes. And the bridge is priceless!

    Brilliant song. One of the songs that got me stanning Allie X.
  3. I love June Gloom but now I'm kinda fearing for it with these calls for its head
  4. [​IMG]
  5. The last page had an extremely evil energy, lemme burn some sage and play June Gloom to cleanse.
  6. Me, being a rate villain for Alexandra X? An unexpected turn of events.
  7. [​IMG]


    Has @Glitterizer manifested a June Gloom exit?




    Bad Luck

    Average: 7.150

    Total Points: 35.750

    Total Number of Voters: 5

    Highest Scores: 9 @DinahLee, 8.25 @RUNAWAY

    Lowest Scores: 6.5 @BubblegumBoy, 6 x2 @Ana Raquel, @Cutlery

    My fellow June Gloomers no need to fret she’s safe for now today’s result sees more Allie Hughes songs leaving as it’s a tie at #48. Bad Luck is certainly better than a majority of her earlier songs but I don’t feel like revisiting it anyway. It feels very at home in a Lounge Bar or Jazz Club affair which isn’t really to my taste.

    Cutlery (6):

    “She sounds pretty good but the song drags on quite a bit.”


    That’s Just Me

    Average: 7.150

    Total Points: 35.750

    Total Number of Voters: 5

    Highest Scores: 8.75 @RUNAWAY

    Lowest Scores: 6.5 x2 @BubblegumBoy, @Cutlery

    If there was a song that made me go ‘Sure Jan’ whilst listening to it then this song is it some of those lyrics were a choice indeed.

    Cutlery (6.5):

    “The way she sings “artist”... why? Also the talk-singing delivery is a cackle at times.”

    Last edited: Mar 26, 2021
  8. Not this bait and switch!
  9. Ma'am my heart skipped a beat... Good job keeping us on the edge!
    For the other four people who cared about rating the Hughes output, why are y'all keeping 'Fall' in here?
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  10. I love her Last Xmas cover!
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  11. The way I couldn’t breathe for the first half of that post, bye. Keep us hanging legend!!!
  12. I mean there's no way any track from Cape God, except maybe Love Me Wrong, is leaving before all the Allie Hughes stuff is gone but you tried it!
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  13. I don’t even really remember what love me wrong sounds like honestly.
  14. [​IMG]

    Maybe today is @Glitterizer day after all...

    As the first song from...

    Cape God...


    Most definitely leaving...

    Is June Gloom REALLY going this time...



    Love Me Wrong (Feat. Troye Sivan)

    Average: 7.172

    Total Points: 272.550

    Total Number of Voters: 38

    My Score: 3

    Highest Scores: 10 x3 @RUNAWAY, @SlowGinFizzzz & @Holly Something, 9.75 @Dijah., 9.5 @Phonetics Girl, 9.3 @Untouchable Ace, 9.25 @Glitterizer

    Lowest Scores: 4 @Ana Raquel, 3.5 @collxtion, 3 @SophiaSophia, 2 x2 @slaybellz, @Hurricane Drunk, 1 @Verandi

    @slaybellz called it with this result, Love Me Wrong was originally intended to be included in a film that Troye participated in. It’s theme in question is about the mixed bag of emotions that comes with familial love. I think for any LGBT+ individual acceptance from our family and the wider society is important.

    As a closeted LGBTQIA+ individual I highly relate to the lyrical theme. Especially when the ones who raised you don’t accept you or other LGBT+ individuals it’s deeply painful and when your family shows their love it just feels toxic, fake, disingenuous and ostracising. At times it’s also confusing because naturally you want their acceptance and emotional support and love to be real and genuine. But if you have to stay closeted to maintain the status quo with your family since childhood you can feel trapped.

    It should be a basic human right to be loved and accepted for the person you are by society regardless of your sexuality. The fact this hurtful ostracisation and wrongful prejudice still exists today just hurts my very existence deep to the core. Therefore songs like Love Me Wrong are very important to the community.

    Whilst I get the importance of this song lyrically and I’m very grateful for it but it does feel like a chore to listen to. It disturbs the flow of the album for me so I naturally tend to skip it. But Allie’s vocals are absolutely stunning. I just can’t say the same for Troye he is yet to impress me musically or vocally.

    Dijah (9.75):

    “I know Troye doesn’t need to be on this song and y’all are gonna tank it accordingly, but Miss Alexandra still put her foot in this song. (This also sounds like a long lost addition to a Twilight soundtrack and fucks me up because of it.)” Screaming at the mention of Twilight but you’re spot on.

    Untouchable Ace (9.3):

    “Make that movie. Do that challenge.”


    This was a bold statement for sure.

    Glitterizer (9.25):

    “The emotional GUT PUNCH of these lyrics for anyone that was a queer kid in any sense of the word,,, good lord. The last lines always get me choked up.” These lyrics wreck me every time.

    daninternational (8.5):

    “This is delicate, beautiful, but I wish it went somewhere... else” Yeah it’s a bit one dimensional and flat.

    Gemini (8):

    “I think people do too much over Troye in this one. "I'll never be how you remember me, So i'd rather be in your memory" is a memorable line off this album. I would prefer this song without Troye but I don't think he absolutely ruins it like some claim. I just think Allie's belting and high notes on her are amazing and can stand on their own without him being there.” It’s simple Troye Sivan needs to do better, I don’t know how he manages to make every song more mediocre than the previous one if he has a talent then it’s that.

    collxtion (3.5):

    “Dour, dire. I get it but like… why.” Same

  15. It's way too early for any Cape God song to leave in my opinion. But okay, y'all did that.
  16. Being the sole hater to provide commentary is a heavy burden to bear, but someone’s gotta do it.

    Glad to see ha go, kii.
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  17. Oop I didn't think it would be so soon though. But i'm not mad!
  18. Y'all are ugly and gay for this.
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  19. BYEEEE

    What a never-ending, tedious, flavorless track. It sounds like playing a random midtempo on youtube and putting the speed at 50%. She sounds bored as hell and disinterested in this. He sounds... well like he usually does but jesus what a chore.
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  20. I only meant that 'Love Me Wrong' sounds like a song from a good movie.
    Not that Troye and Allie should star.
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