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Save Your Rates For Someone Like Me: Allie X Rate #18

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by SophiaSophia, Nov 16, 2020.


Favourite Allie X Release?

  1. CollXtion I

    15 vote(s)
  2. CollXtion II: Ʉnsolved

    1 vote(s)
  3. CollXtion II

    5 vote(s)
  4. Super Sunset

    19 vote(s)
  5. Cape God

    12 vote(s)
  1. Love Me Wrong is really... boring. Like there’s no other word. I think it’s quite funny it’s the “TROYE FEATURE!!” that was was going to happen inevitably sooner or later but it’s they decided to go full 180 of what people would expect from them (a cute 80s glittering dance) and... this long interlude was the result. It would have worked better on a “Vintage” remix or whatever like that.

    I’ll say the lyrics are good and that Outro that sounds like a radio transmission that was caught by accident while lost in time is very haunting but that’s it. Probably one of the few moments where she’s really belting on Cape God.
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  2. Me liking a Troye Sivan ballad with a bpm of approximately 40 should be impossible, but I actually do with Love Me Wrong. Like @SophiaSophia highlighted, the lyrics are a bit punching and it's a venue I would appreciate to see Allie keep collaborating in with other LGBTQ+ artists
  3. By quite some margin, that was the first Cape God elimination I hoped for.
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  4. Wait, what?
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  5. I didn’t know the meaning behind the song and I think that’s very nice. Sadly I just don’t like the song very much.
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  6. [​IMG]

    Today’s result sees a double whammy of piano led songs going...




    Average: 7.200

    Total Points: 36.000

    Total Number of Voters: 5

    Highest Scores: 9.5 @RUNAWAY, 9 @DinahLee

    Lowest Scores: 6.5 @BubblegumBoy, 3 @Cutlery

    It’s a short Jazzy affair which I didn’t mind but I can’t say I was overly enthused. The only consistent I have been impressed with in regards to the Allie Hughes songs is her vocal range. But with that said she doesn’t really need to belt as Allie X anyway.

    RUNAWAY (9.5):

    “she’s serving Idina Menzel here as well, and I’m LIVING for this style from her.”

    Cutlery (3):

    “I hate the sound of this and the way she oversings. At least it's mercifully short.”


    Gorilla Sounds

    Average: 7.200

    Total Points: 36.000

    Total Number of Voters: 5

    Highest Scores: 9 @DinahLee, 8.5 @RUNAWAY

    Lowest Scores: 6 @Ana Raquel, 5 @BubblegumBoy

    Normally I’m usually down for any anti love song but I wasn’t feeling this at all. The genre isn’t to my taste at all and lyrically it felt flat and there was something missing. Once again there were some vocal choices made that maybe shouldn’t have been and overall it was incredibly boring to listen to.

    Cutlery (7.5):

    “It’s always been cute enough for what it tries to do with the concept of mocking someone courting you.”

  7. About time!!
  8. These were still in??
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  9. There's still 5 of these left
  10. Love Me Wrong is the definition of fineeee. Like, I won’t actively skip it on an album listen, but I will never actively seek it out, ever.
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  11. Fall is kinda... manic. I stan. It doesn't drag too long, power vocals... It's all right. My main take from all the Piano-Pop days is that vocal levels could be a little lower.

    Honestly Love Me Wrong being out already while there's still Hughes material there... it is THAT boring DD.
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  12. The Allie Hughes songs hanging on for-fucking-ever while I forgot about them... Those Allie X songs really didn't deserve to go before them.

    And that's that on that.
  13. 'True Love Is Violent' absolutely deserved to be the first cut from the main projects, though
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  14. Weakest song on its parent album, for sure, I agree.
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  15. [​IMG]

    Today the curtain calls for this result...



    Oyster Song

    Average: 7.500

    Total Points: 37.500

    Total Number of Voters: 5

    Highest Scores: 10 @RUNAWAY

    Lowest Scores: 6.5 @Ana Raquel

    The final song from Waiting For The Prize finally exits Oyster Song sees Allie channelling her inner theatre kid. I think it’s very Broadway meets Disney it’s that song where the lead has a moment of self realisation. For me it’s her most palatable Hughes song but I don’t see myself hitting play again.

    RUNAWAY (10):

    “now THIS is what I’m here for. This gives me Take Me or Leave Me teas and miss Allie is SERVING here.”

  16. [​IMG]

    Today a song gets done dirty far too soon..



    Simon Says

    Average: 7.542

    Total Points: 286.600

    Total Number of Voters: 38

    My Score: 8

    Highest Scores: 10 x3 @SlowGinFizzzz, @ohnostalgia & @Trinu 3.0, 9.6 @Untouchable Ace, 9 x6 @Phonetics Girl, @RUNAWAY, @sfmartin, @Dijah., @soratami & @savilizabeths

    Lowest Scores: 5.5 x2 @Cutlery, @collxtion, 5 @fatyoshi, 4 @Gemini, 3 @Verandi

    For many years I always lyrically interpreted Simon Says to be a haunting take on the playground game whether you’re controlled by someone or your inner voice especially as it thematically connects to Bitch. But it’s about having an imaginary friend after finding this out it didn’t take away my years of enjoyment at all. I can highly relate to wanting a friend who totally gets you although I think my own interpretation is way more interesting. Anyway it’s a total earworm from start to finish and in no way should this have left now.

    Untouchable Ace (9.6):

    “The cat has been so entertaining over the years.”

    daninternational (8):

    “It's good, but also could have been by Melanie Martinez, sorry” What Is A Melanie Martinez?

    imaduck (7):

    “I wish the chorus was as huge as the verses lead you to believe it is.” I think the chorus actually works very well at least with my own interpretation.

    DJHazey (6.5):

    “I don’t really fuck with this one, but reading a Last.FM comment of “giving me Melanie Martinez vibes and I’m not mad about it” *shudders*”


    collxtion (5.5):

    “Simon Says seems to be almost self-consciously playing the role of Collxtion II’s Bitch, over-aware of the shoes it’s supposed to fill, and the result is… toothless and too-polished.” I don’t think it’s filling Bitch’s shoes at all and if any song is too polished on Collxtion II it’s Vintage.

    Cutlery (5.5):

    “As much as I try, even now I cannot shake the feeling that, conceptually, this is too much like Felony Martinez music. Can I even say that out loud here? Hopefully not. Anyways, the worst sin the song actually commits is the chorus. X and the whole shadow narrative ocasionally rubbed shoulders with childlike-melodies (think Bitch ad-libs, Hello, etc.), but the insipid nanana's that make up the chorus bring the momentum of an album that so often gets its excellent choruses hooked into your brain to a grinding halt. It's my least favorite one she's probably put out and disappoints me, since the sinister essence of the song works pretty well in the verses and it could've been great to me with some needed tweaks in the lyrics department.” Needless to say you’re very wrong that chorus is hypnotic.

    Gemini (4):

    “A song about an imaginary friend? I just... Don't vibe with this song. It's got a mellow groove to it which sticks true to the sound of CXII. I feel like I would like this song more with a visual: some sort of creepy haunted music video. Without it, I'm kind of just Meh about this song.” The only thing I agree with is it needed a music video a missed opportunity for sure.

  17. I also assumed this song was about the game and dealing with the side of you that wants you to do the wrong things.
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  18. Simon says na na na na na

    Verandi says no no no no no
  19. [​IMG]
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  20. I gave this a 6 so i'm not gonna lose sleep over this elimination but there are definitely worse songs still in.

    Also i'm so glad i've never listened to a Melanie Martinez.
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