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Save Your Rates For Someone Like Me: Allie X Rate #19

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by SophiaSophia, Nov 16, 2020.


Favourite Allie X Release?

  1. CollXtion I

    15 vote(s)
  2. CollXtion II: Ʉnsolved

    1 vote(s)
  3. CollXtion II

    5 vote(s)
  4. Super Sunset

    19 vote(s)
  5. Cape God

    12 vote(s)
  1. Purge is heartbreaking, but I can't say I go back to it much either. It feels especially heavy because of how unpolished the demo is.
  2. Purge always felt like, the real gem from Unsolved. It was the one that worked as a beautiful piano demo and had endless possibilities as a full final, but at same time, how to translate it to another setting while keeping the energy around it. Casanova was a different case since the song wasn't so "emotional" and it could work in a bop setting (and I still leaning towards one of the "house-y" demos) but we saw how Misbeliving just didn't pan so right.
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  3. Without a doubt it was too heavy for CollXtion II but I hope one day there can be a place for a song like Purge on one of her albums.
  4. For real I know it's a bit stupid-and-overdone-by-stans to put on theories of how albuns were supposed to be THIS but ended up like THAT, but Collxtion II was truly shaping up to be... what Cape God was (?) in sort of being personal revelations through the music.

    Alexandra, Purge, Too Much To Dream and even All The Rage to a certain degree are all so... deep. It was still "Synth-Glittery" and "Huge" but they all fit with her "searching for identity and longing for herself". I really wonder what happened in the middle of the process where the album just turned a little more "spotify-lite" and the songs like Simon Sayd or Vintage made their way to the final cut instead of these original songs\concepts.
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  5. I assume that when Paper Love came together she wanted to have a more commercial album behind it in case it became a hit.
  6. This is bullshit!
  7. [​IMG]

    Did this next song deserve to be at #52...

    Personally I don’t think so...



    True Love Is Violent

    Average: 7.017

    Total Points: 266.650

    Total Number of Voters: 38

    My Score: 5

    Highest Scores: 10 @Andy French, 9 x3 @SlowGinFizzzz, @soratami & @Holly Something, 8.90 @Untouchable Ace, 8.75 @DJHazey

    Lowest Scores: 5 x5 @SophiaSophia, @Gemini , @Hurricane Drunk, @Ana Raquel & @Verandi, 4.5 @collxtion, 2 @Cutlery

    Just coming ahead of Purge is the first song to leave from CollXtion II which personally think this could have gone sooner. True Love Is Violent is a song I always happen to skip when it’s about to play. It just seems at odds with the rest of Collxtion II which is so stylistically rooted in Spotify playlist Synth Pop. So to tag this at the end just feels like an afterthought to me. To be honest the whole song feels like an afterthought as there is little substance lyrically and it’s very faceless.

    DJHazey (8.75):

    “The chorus is striking, some say it reminds them of Poppy’s “Altar”, I say I can vaguely hear Ava Max’s “So Am I”. Fine with me because I love all three pop singers equally - that’s right all three, so kill me.” The audacity of this comment.

    imaduck (6.5):

    “It's lovely, it just sort of does nothing for me and seems to go no-where.” A 6.5 feels too generous for a song that does nothing.

    daninternational (6):

    “Bit too Marina album track, sorry” I see where you're coming from but I think you're doing a major disservice to Allie. She’s never given us lyrical clunkers like A Man’s World, Orange Trees and Enjoy Your Life.

    Gemini (5):

    “I'm so torn on if I like this song or not. But I gave it a 5 because I never seek it out to listen to it. It's just okay to me, but the lyrics are nice.” Okay should be never acceptable from any artist.

    collxtion (4.5):

    “There was a time in late 2014, when the Collxtion I tracklist was still nascent, and the sequence went: Hello, Catch, Prime, Tumor, Bitch… True Love Is Violent. I shudder to think of a world where we got this instead of Good/Sanctuary. Treacly, overwrought ballad.” The horror indeed, it makes me shudder.

    Cutlery (2):

    “Melodies recycled one too many times in the world of pop, sonically lacking and a feeling that clashes against all the synthpop goodness delivered throughout the rest of the album and makes it a jarring experience. I am not one to hate ballads for the sake of it, but this one happens to be my least favorite song in her catalogue.” The fact she ended CollXtion II with this just baffles me there were better songs on there that would have made a better album closer.
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  8. [​IMG]

    FINALLY. The only track in Allie's main discography that I struggle to finish. How much I despise this melody paired with this trap-lite beat and basically everything it touches.

    I was lowkey afraid nobody was mentioning it to leave... but now that it's gone, I can't complain about any of the remaining songs winning even if they end up being one of my lowest remaining scores.

    Good riddance.
  9. The fact TLIV was kicking around for almost four years and she kept threatening to release it... this is an elimination most pleasing to me.
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  10. Madonna should have taken it teebs
    Didn't Allie try shopping it around to her?
  11. At the very least it was on her demo reel when she was shopping around to the major labels, which is how Katy heard it in 2014. I’ve heard the Madonna rumor before too, but I can’t substantiate any info about that from a more direct source.
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  12. I hate that Last Xmas is still here (unless it's already been eliminated and I forgot about it nn).
  13. You do lowkey seem to be cursed in these rates lately, don’t you ddddd
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  14. There's a couple I would have rather seen from CollXtion II, but I'm not too bothered because it could've been worse.
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  15. Umm y'all are weird...
  16. Didn't 5 people vote for it too?
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  17. No it was the only optional song that received more than 5 votes possibly due to its inclusion on the spotify playlist.
  18. True Love is Violent is such a strong title and concept and the song is just so vanilla dd. I've said this 3344898 times already but I'll repeat myself. When the piano demo leaked and I was like "It just needs... more depth and drama" and then the final version sounding even softer... lord.

  19. I actually like Man’s World a lot.
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  20. "lately" No i've always been cursed unfortunately dd.
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