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Save Your Rates For Someone Like Me: Allie X Rate #28

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by SophiaSophia, Nov 16, 2020.


Favourite Allie X Release?

  1. CollXtion I

    14 vote(s)
  2. CollXtion II: Ʉnsolved

    1 vote(s)
  3. CollXtion II

    5 vote(s)
  4. Super Sunset

    18 vote(s)
  5. Cape God

    12 vote(s)
  1. I might the only one who likes Thats So Us... excluding @BubblegumBoy
  2. I know at least two people you aren't mentioning, including me, that either gave it their 11 or had it in high contention, so there's more Little Leo-Cancers running around.
  3. I just noticed Super Sunset is now winning the thread poll.

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  4. They will be a slight change in how the choices will be revealed they will be revealed with a combined average instead of separate as I originally intended this is in order to hopefully have a fairer result for everybody. At the end of the rate I will reveal the separate averages and positions instead.
  5. Are you talking about the songs that were already separated in the spreadsheet or the Super Sunset ones? Because otherwise Casanova is ruined nn
  6. I think they mean the songs where you could choose one version: Super Sunset, Casanova (as in the feature vs no feature, not the piano demo which is a separate song) and Downtown (original x the new remix).
  7. This is exactly what I’m referring to in my post.
  8. I think this makes sense. Especially since, for example, Super Sunset, if I gave a 10 to the Analog, I very likely would have given a 9.5 or 9 to the Regular at LOWEST so I’m glad choosing my favorite version won’t hurt the score of the other version.
  9. Any guesses for the song finishing in last place?
  10. I’m gonna guess it’s either a Sierra Burgess cut or something from the extras.
  11. Is it?

  12. It’s time to finally get this show on the road.

    Spinning Gifs Courtesy of @Cutlery



    How Bout Cha Go Away

    Average: 5.050

    Total Points: 25.250

    Total Number of Voters: 5

    Highest Scores: 7.25 @RUNAWAY 7 @DinahLee

    Lowest Scores: 1 @Cutlery

    The song going away first is How Bout Cha Go Away from Ladies and Gentleman. I’ll be completely honest I’m that much of a flop host I only did the mandatory songs for the rate. But at least on the bright side we wouldn’t have Allie X if it wasn’t for Allie Hughes first. Once we get to the Allie X songs I promise the write ups will be better.

    There was only commentary from the lowest scorer which was Cutlery:

    A complete, cacophonous disaster. She was self-aware when speculating whether this was "one of those simple songs". Yes! Simply terrible. Thank the Lorde she flopped with these attempts and became the writer or bulletproof hooks, dark stories, identity explorer and fashion gal we know and love today.”

  13. lmao what in the Kate Nash is that?!
  14. I gave the extras a listen just once for a kii even though I knew I wouldn’t have time to rate them. This one, is a catastrophe.
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  15. Oh so this is BAD bad.

    @SophiaSophia how many voters in total did the rate get?
  16. I love... that thing that she does with her voice...yeah like singing.
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  17. 38 in total, there was considerably more interest in Allie X than Allie Hughes in the end.
  18. Was she a theater gay kid? This is like a bad Kate Nash B-side oh my god.
  19. Time for this performance to make a comeback, I guess.

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