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Save Your Rates For Someone Like Me: Allie X Rate #28

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by SophiaSophia, Nov 16, 2020.


Favourite Allie X Release?

  1. CollXtion I

    14 vote(s)
  2. CollXtion II: Ʉnsolved

    1 vote(s)
  3. CollXtion II

    5 vote(s)
  4. Super Sunset

    18 vote(s)
  5. Cape God

    12 vote(s)
  1. This is cute so far but I want to see blood... I wonder if any Allie X song will be out before the last of the Hughes songs.
  2. Not @Ana Raquel coming to terrorise another rate.
  3. Most of my scores have been good ones I swear!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  4. [​IMG]

    That’s not happening today...



    Perfect Day

    Average: 6.150

    Total Points: 30.750

    Total Number of Voters: 5

    Highest Scores: 7.75 @RUNAWAY, 7 x2 @Cutlery, @DinahLee

    Lowest Scores: 3 @Ana Raquel

    It’s not such a perfect day for #68, the first song to leave from Waiting For The Prize. It doesn’t give me a good feeling when the title alone constantly evokes memories of a BBC Children In Need song from 1997. Obviously this isn’t a questionable Lou Reed cover but lyrically it's closer in vain to Allie X songs with themes such as sadness, escapism and references to amphetamines and astrology.

    Personally I don’t share Cutlery’s sentiments as I found it a chore to listen to.

    Cutlery (7):

    “Another nice ballad. I like that you can hear her ever so slightly branching out from the lounge jazz or broadway musical theatricality of her songs in the melodies here. Kinda reminds me of 'Alexandra'.”

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  5. Mess! Let me accept that these will leave in an arbitrary order it seems since few of us scored them
  6. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I probably would’ve enjoyed some of the Allie Hughes material, but I didn’t have the energy.

    Also please remember to send me the spreadsheet @SophiaSophia.
  7. For one hot second I messed up Perfect Day with... another song. And almost threw a tantrum.

    The whole Allie Hughes EP could and should outdo Lifted but sadly no one's ready for this conversation. Yet.
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  8. Why would one of Collxtion II's tens do anything of the sort?
  9. Because Allie Hughes Ep is packed with three Elevens and one Ten ;).
  10. Let's just say she was lucky to break a total sum of ten points across the four songs from me.
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  11. I probably would’ve enjoyed some of the songs too.
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  12. This, along with Walking Sideways, seems to go on for-fucking-ever. That's what's wrong with the songs for me... I agree with @SophiaSophia in that they're real struggles to get through. I listened to everything once and decided against voting for them, because I'd have tanked them even more...

    @DinahLee, sis, you coming for Lifted before we even reach the top 30 here? Neaux.
  13. More results coming tonight and it’s the first tie of the rate too.
  14. I guess I'm just not having fun tonight spinning like a merry-go-round or flying like a plastic bag

  15. [​IMG]

    Could a shocker happen in today’s tie....

    The answer is still no...



    Cabaret Song

    Average: 6.500

    Total Points: 32.500

    Total Number of Voters: 5

    Highest Scores: 8.5 @RUNAWAY, 8 @DinahLee

    Lowest Scores: 4 @Ana Raquel

    Honestly I’m not regretting my decision to not do the extras I can’t even rely on commentary today cause there was zero commentary, poor it. It was interesting but not a patch on the Allie X songs.



    My Leo

    Average: 6.500

    Total Points: 32.500

    Total Number of Voters: 5

    Highest Scores: 8 @DinahLee, 7.5 @RUNAWAY

    Lowest Scores: 5 @Ana Raquel

    I just want to ask Allie why?

    I agree with you regarding the vocals at the end they were something.

    Cutlery (6):

    “It gets boring kind of quick. And the vocals in the outro, sis. Astrology is a boot.”

    Last edited: Feb 10, 2021
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  16. The gifs are so charming!

    tbh both songs are like. Cute. Looking at all of them it feels a bit like overscored but honestly I'd let them play on the background easily. I have really few moments in her discoprahy that I'd actually "skip" something but most of these are inoffensive.
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  17. The amount of work that's going into these graphics....
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  18. What can I say? Digging up old Allie photos for Ladies and Gentlemen was a lot more fun than the songs themselves
  19. [​IMG]

    Is today the day an Allie X songs leaves...

    Still No...

    Drama will be happening at #64 though...



    Brand New

    Average: 6.550

    Total Points: 32.750

    Total Number of Voters: 5

    Highest Scores: 8 @RUNAWAY, 7 @BubblegumBoy

    Lowest Scores: 5 @Ana Raquel


    Honestly my feelings on this song can be summed up by this Katy Perry gif.

    Cutlery (6):

    “I'm not getting much from this other than the vocal affectations being a bit too heavy.”

  20. Akskdkdk the gif is so accurate. Call her fastener 'cause was BELTING
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