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Save Your Rates For Someone Like Me: Allie X Rate Winner Revealed

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by SophiaSophia, Nov 16, 2020.


Favourite Allie X Release?

  1. CollXtion I

    16 vote(s)
  2. CollXtion II: Ʉnsolved

    1 vote(s)
  3. CollXtion II

    5 vote(s)
  4. Super Sunset

    19 vote(s)
  5. Cape God

    13 vote(s)
  1. A slay that even the less-preferred version of the song made it almost top 15. We love a fan favorite!

    Must have been in my feelings the day I gave this a 5, even the album version is v boppable.
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  2. [​IMG]

    This next result brings out a force of nature…



    Focus (Combined)

    Average: 8.520

    Total Points: 323.750

    Total Number of Voters (Original): 28

    Total Number of Voters (Analog): 10

    My Score: 7 (Original)

    Highest Scores: 11 @RUNAWAY (Analog), 10 x8 @fatyoshi (Analog), @slaybellz (Original), @Petty Mayonnaise (Analog), @DinahLee (Analog), @Untouchable Ace (Original), @aux (Analog), @Pinky25 (Original) & @collxtion (Analog), 9.5, @Cotton Park (Original), 9.25 @DJHazey (Original)

    Lowest Scores: 7 x3 @SophiaSophia (Original), @Ana Raquel (Analog), @Holly Something (Original), 6.5 @finito (Original), 6 x2 @SlowGinFizzzz (Original), @Verandi (Analog)

    Focus is the first single from Super Sunset, it was written in a day and was one of the songs to establish the concept of the EP alongside Not So Bad In LA. Speaking to Billboard Allie describes this as an apocalyptic love song. ‘You’re frozen when you look at this other person, and you’re just sort of suspended in this stillness while there’s chaos all around.’ She also says it’s one of her most heartfelt songs she’s written and that she was a ‘late bloomer’ when it came to understanding love and that Focus ‘is an ode to that’.

    I appreciate the sentiment of Focus, especially when love can be all encompassing to the point of escapism from the chaos of reality. I love that the quiet moments get to shine as equally as the crescendo at the end. The synth layers in this are gorgeous; it truly is a stunning piece of musicality that compliments the lyricism beautifully.

    RUNAWAY - Analog (11):

    “I never even listened to the original version during the Super Sunset campaign before hearing this version. But...upon first listen, I was SHOOK. It gets me all emotional, and it’s just so beautiful. I listened to the original afterwards, and….it just wasn’t the same. The analog version is so STUNNING and perfect. My absolute favorite song of hers.”

    Untouchable Ace - Original (10):

    “A timid futuristic love confession.”

    collxtion - Analog (10):

    “A lot of Allie songs come alive in her concert sets, Focus being one of them. The album version also happens to be EXCELLENT, but I think the analog rendition gives it just a touch more flavor, with big belts and those beautiful vocalizations front-and-center in the bridge/outro.”

    daninternational - Original (8.5):

    “A song you need to 'focus' on to appreciate it. It's understatedness works well in the context of Super Sunset.”

    Gemini - Original (8):

    “Out of all the opinions I have about her more mellow songs, I think Focus is the one I like the most. The lyrics are just sad enough for this song to evoke a real emotion for me so I can't score it poorly.”

    Cutlery - Original (8):

    “Minimal and almost sounding like the instrumental is playing from the other room. The vocoder and cotton soft delivery of the vocals wrap this fairly simplistic single in a neat, tight package that I can enjoy and focus on any time of the day.”

  3. I could tell.
  4. I guess we're getting down to the wire here so I can't be too mad but what a song! I better not see Little Things or Girl Of The Year outside Top 5, let alone the Top 10!
  5. I'd say i'm a "late bloomer" to realize at how shocking Focus actually is. She paints a real apocalyptic image and how love does... excels that. It's very simple but effective. The only thing that's missing is the beautiful high note\belt from Live to Studio.

    At first I thought it was sort of barebones, but I understand that it was supposed to be so. It was also a nice surprise to be back into the "synth-heavy" world of Collxtion I after Collxtion II "minimalism".
  6. Yeah, it took a while to grow on me and it’s still not a personal favorite, but I “got it” in the end.
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  7. A good effort for Focus. I definitely forget about this song until I listen to it again (either version) and then spend the afternoon getting lost in it.

    I so wish she had found a way to marry some of the soaring vocals from Analog/live performances to the studio version. The minimalism of it is gorgeous too though, like two sides of the same coin.
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  8. I hope these comments about soaring vocals mean Girl of the Year/Little Things, the tracks where the studio version fits that the most, are in it until the very end
  9. [​IMG]

    It’s been a while…

    But we have a tie…




    Average: 8.803

    Total Points: 334.500

    Total Number of Voters: 38

    My Score: 8

    Highest Scores: 11 @Remorque, 10 x10 @BubblegumBoy, @fatyoshi, @Gemini, @RUNAWAY, @Petty Mayonnaise, @SlowGinFizzzz, @DinahLee, @Untouchable Ace, @Sail On & @Andy French, 9.5 x7 @DJHazey, @Glitterizer, @finito, @Dijah., @aux, @Conan & @ohnostalgia

    Lowest Scores: 7 x3 @soratami, @boombazookajoe, @Trinu 3.0, 6.5 @imaduck, 3.5 @Holly Something

    Regulars is the third single from Cape God, it’s about integrating back into society when you’ve been an outsider all of your life. Allie describes Regulars as her torch song and it’s one of her favourite songs she’s written. She further explains in an Instagram post ‘I have felt, at most points in my life, like I want to fit in and “be good” for the sake of myself and the sake of others, but it’s never that simple.’ Allie further elaborated it’s a musing on giving yourself up and it’s also sarcastic and truthful. In her track xplanation she also says the song expresses feelings that she can’t explain when in conversation.

    Regulars is a song that deeply resonates with me especially when it comes to having conflicting feelings in regards to my place in society. Having a disability and being a closeted pansexual gender non conforming female makes me ostracised. But at the same time I’m such a people pleaser to the extent I parade around as a cishet female. I see my life as a living oxymoron, I want to be unapologetically my true self but at the same time I want to hide and not detract any attention. By default I pick hiding everytime because I’m that paranoid about being my self and having conservative parents means I don’t want to be subject to any verbal abuse.

    Gemini (10):

    “I thought I wasn't going to like this song because I fell in love with Allie's electronic sound at the beginning of her career and this one is really an escape from that. And really what more could you ask for from Allie than a song about being a weirdo and hanging out in the regular world? I can relate.”

    RUNAWAY (10):

    “what a bopppppppp. Seriously this track was ROBBED of success. So SO ICONIC.”

    Untouchable Ace (10):

    “Those mundane regulars, but Allie is the large, larger than life superstar.”

    daninternational (8):

    “Great lyrics and video. The song gives me early 90s female rock vibes. Wish it had a bigger climax.”

    imaduck (6.5):



    Never Enough

    Average: 8.803

    Total Points: 334.500

    Total Number of Voters: 38

    My Score: 8.5

    Highest Scores: 11 @DinahLee, 10 x11 @Phonetics Girl, @RUNAWAY, @slaybellz, @Petty Mayonnaise, @Untouchable Ace, @Sail On, @aux, @Andy French, @Remorque, @ohnostalgia & @Pinky25, 9.5 x4 @BubblegumBoy, @Cutlery, @Verandi & @Trinu 3.0

    Lowest Scores: 7 x2 @fatyoshi, @Ana Raquel, 6.5 @finito, 6 x2 @SlowGinFizzzz, @Holly Something

    Never Enough originally was meant to bridge the gap between both CollXtion albums and then was retroactively included as a bonus track on Collxtion I. The song is about a relationship that self implodes.

    For a while I was ‘I pretend I don’t see it’ because I’m not a huge fan of stand-alone songs being tacked onto albums. When I eventually gave Never Enough a chance I was glad I finally listened to it as it’s rather great. Though stylistically it feels at odds with the rest of Collxtion I. It would have worked better as a part of Collxtion II instead and my overall feelings of this song would be much better.

    DinahLee (11):

    “I actually picked this because it was the first song that really got me hooked on her music. And It is a masterpiece after all.”

    Untouchable Ace (10):

    “Fabolous & Tamia's 'Into You' if it were lifted.”

    Cutlery (9.5):

    “An exciting addition to the EP, it came at the peak of my stanning so I hammered it back then. It's the kind of track that doesn't get tiring, and I appreciate the direction towards a chiller sound more than anything else in the CollXtion. Kind of setting the precedent for 'Focus' in that way. The contrast between her rich delivery and the operatic never enough's plus the amazing synths after them. The full thing envelops me in that fairytale feeling while being aware of the illusion it all is behind the curtain.”

    daninternational (8.75):

    “What a solid CollXtion this is, shame I didn't hear the whole thing back then. A nice closer.”

    Gemini (8):

    “This song is catchy and memorable, And the lyrics are great. The production, I think could be a little bit better. The higher synths are just a bit weird to me for some reason.”

    collxtion (8):

    “I think I would like this more if it hadn’t been retconned into Collxtion I? The production is lush, and the prechorus is one of her best, but Never Enough feels more like a slice of Collxtion II Spotify Pop rather than the tight, theatrical narrative of Collxtion I.” Thank goodness for playlists.

    imaduck (7.5):

    “I wish the verses lived up to the chorus.”

  10. Ugh I love both of these songs.
  11. Same! Losing a 9 and a 10 at once, not ideal! I was hoping Never Enough especially would make the top 10.
  12. I'm so done with this rate. Regulars was so close to being my 11. I relate with it so much and the production is sublime.
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  13. Never Enough was long overdue, teebs.
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  14. Regulars is one of the best on Cape God.

    Never Enough would have been a 10. I find the subtle production emotional and I love the chorus melody.
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  15. [​IMG]

    It’s time to reveal #12 (Apologies I got the number wrong hence the edit I should have checked the post beforehand)

    There is one last tie in the rate…

    So are one or two songs leaving next…



    Learning In Public

    Average: 8.845

    Total Points: 336.100

    Total Number of Voters: 38

    My Score: 10

    Highest Scores: 11 @m_dimitrov, 10 x14 @SophiaSophia, @Phonetics Girl, @BubblegumBoy, @Cotton Park, @DJHazey, @RUNAWAY, @Cutlery, @DinahLee, @finito, @Dijah., @Andy French, @Remorque, @Pinky25 & @collxtion, 9.6 @Untouchable Ace, 9.5 x4 @Sail On, @aux, @ohnostalgia & @Trinu 3.0

    Lowest Scores: 7 x2 @Petty Mayonnaise, @Ana Raquel, 6 x2 @Gemini, @soratami, 5.5 @Holly Something, 4.5 @Hurricane Drunk

    No ties today so the top ten will be comprised of 11 songs. Learning In Public is the closing track from Cape God and concludes the overall arc of the album. It's basically an ode to life itself and the trials and tribulations that comes from being human. The idea for the song originated in the notes app and Allie found the writing process to be therapeutic and that it was important to end the album with some optimism.

    Life is a constant lesson so it's important to be self aware, reflect and make necessary changes especially when your behaviour is harmful to others or yourself. In terms of the overall arc, it’s the perfect album closer as it perfectly gets that message across regarding personal growth but it’s so universally relatable as a song. ‘I can’t even look at me, while everyone’s watching, I’m learning in public’ is such a powerful lyric. In terms of having autism it feels like you’re on trial with the whole world watching and it’s deeply humiliating when you do make mistakes so this song deeply resonates with me. There have been times when I’ve been too blunt and regretted my choice of words or fucked up in some other way but I learnt a necessary valuable life lesson. Those lessons ultimately make me a better person for it.

    DJHazey (10):

    “It feels redundant how I keep wanting to say “so relatable” to every song, but when it’s right it’s right. Let me disappear inside this masterpiece.”

    Pinky25 (10):

    “Most of the songs on Cape God have really struck me and I have personal feelings attached to this song. the past couple of years sometimes I have felt like my growth as a person has been watched by others and judged.”

    collxtion (10):

    “Allie and I are sometimes on scarily parallel wavelengths in ways I can’t really understand. Case in point, I had a note on my phone from May 2019 titled “Learning, loudly and in front of the world.” Goosebumps when I listened for the first time.”

    Untouchable Ace (9.6):

    “A 90's coming of age novel.”

    daninternational (9):

    “The doo-doos and the clapping backing makes a somewhat generic song feel more fun.”

    Glitterizer (9):

    “Some of her best lyrics to date. This song encapsulates the struggles of seeking emotional maturity in such a concise, accurate way. She should be proud of this one.”

    imaduck (9):

    “I'm realising every Allie X closing track is basically the same, this one is the best of them though.”

    Gemini (6):

    “This one is just kind of a skip for me. It isn't particularly haunting like some of the songs on the album, It also isn't as captivating as some of the songs either. I like the meaning behind it but just as a song it doesn't do much for me.” Plays Lies.mp3

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  16. Just saw that Never Enough finally got chopped. At first it was hard to pick an 11 and then I realized "You know... not THAT hard".

    Bitch was the first Allie song I listened because (as mentioned before in the thread, I think dd) I was super into Crystal Castles and a friend of mine just went "You HAVE to listen to this!!" and it was a bit.. hard. But Never Enough played right after and it was tickling my "80s Bright Synth Ballad" toes. And then I just had it on repeat over and over again. I think it was her most recent release too.

    It's just a very epic story in a tight package. The cascading synths, heavy pads, her vocals... perfect. And super surprised it made this far, because I just know it's a song that's mostly forgotten and sometimes hated dd. #13 is a win. Regulars is also a 10 for me, so I'm happy it was able to almost scratch the top10.

    It's coming!
  17. I’ve completely lost track of which songs are still in, but #12 feels like a fitting spot for Learning In Public. One of her most relatable songs (for me), but doesn’t reach the musical heights of her Hits™️.

    What’s in the top 10/11 off the top of my head… Catch, Prime, Sanctuary, Old Habits (Unsolved), Casanova, Science, Little Things, Girl of the Year… Is Fresh Laundry still in?
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  18. I think Sarah Come Home is still in too? I'm very forgetful so I could be wrong.
  19. Hello
    Casanova (CollXtion II version)
    Old Habits Die Hard (Unsolved Single)
    Little Things
    Girl of the Year
    Fresh Laundry
    Sarah Come Home

    is what we have left.
  20. I have one 6, four 7s, five 8s and a single 10 left. This definitely could have gone better for me.
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