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Saved by the Bell Sequel (2020) - trailer released

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Duplass, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. I'll be honest, my expectations weren't sky high but this looks dreadful. Geunuinely could be one of those fake sequel trailers where people get a bunch of clips from the actors other projects and post them to YouTube. I seriously doubt that Mario Lopez will be able to carry this.

    It's taking it self a bit too seriously. They should have embraced the chaotic/camp energy of the original and had a multicamera show with a laugh track.

    I imagine Zack is only a recurring/guest character then? And is Kelly even coming back?

  2. They better rush this shit out while the world is on lockdown so we can watch it out of boredom. There is no other way this will be a hit.
  3. I also don't understand to what audience this is aimed... Is this for those of us who watched the original, or is it for a teen audience now, or is it for the tweenage audience that the original was intended for? It seems very self-referential to be either of the latter, but also doesn't seem very mature.
    Bring back 90s vocal powerhouse Violet.
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  4. My absolute favourite episode of Saved by the Bell was the one where Lisa was applying for design colleges and staged a fashion show in the middle of a fast food restaurant with the university admissions officer in attendance. At one point they mentioned a pair of shoes she'd designed, suggesting that Lisa was a qualified cobbler.
  5. This looks painful. Wish this wasn’t happening, but hopeful it will be such a blip we can all pretend it never happened.
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  6. I know Dustin is controversial but they had to have Screech in this. Screech was actually the only character to be involved with all incarnations of the franchise back in the 80s and 90s.

    No Lisa is a huge no no aswell and Larks Dr Oz interview pretty much alienated a lot of what's left of the fanbase.
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  7. I wonder what will happen when they run out of “Lol, we’re so 2020!” jokes.

    Speaking of great Saved by the Bell episodes - the murder mystery one will never not be iconic.
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  8. I really don’t know how I feel about this. I didn’t get great vibes from that trailer...
  9. This seems like a SNL parody.

    Or a bad movie.

    Anyway remember when they extended a Season and didn't have Jessie or Kelly so brought in Tori, but then showed those episodes out of production order so she just vanishes.
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  10. I wonder if any of the new kids will become hooked on caffeine pills, leading to Slater calling on Jessie so she and the kid can have a heart to heart about the perils of addiction.
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  11. Caffeine pills would be better than that jingle jangle mess on Riverdale.
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  12. This looks...absolutely diabolical. And they didn't exactly have a high bar to clear with the source material.
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  13. The original series was a lowbrow campy mess in which no one over the age of 16 could possibly find joy. It’s the kind of thing for which a super meta Brady Bunch Movie/90210 reboot-style approach would be perfect.

    Based on the trailer, this new series doesn’t seem understand any of this.
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  14. I actually enjoyed it more when I revisited it in my early 20s and realised just how bad it is.

    I had equal amounts of affection for Sabrina and SBTB. It's amazing how one stands the test of time quite well and the other is... this iconic mess.
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  15. That’s the thing: it’s a dreadful show. It’s either fun to watch because it’s so awful, or because of nostalgic attachment - or both. Turning that into a series that makes a sad attempt at being a quality comedy feels misguided.
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  16. BTG


    Sabrina really does stand the test of time really well. For all its faults, its writing was leagues above SBTB even then.
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  17. Yeah, I'd definitely argue Sabrina has more in common with the likes of other TGIF staples like Boy Meets World and Clueless. As silly as it was, it knew how to cater to a teen audience without completely dumbing everything down.

    The TNBC shows of Saved By The Bell, California Dreams, Hang Time, City Guys, One World, USA High, etc. were a special breed of lowest common denominator entertainment, appealing to toddlers as much as teens in the worst ways. I adored these shows will my heart, but you could tell there was zero effort or thought put into them. It's part of what makes them so great to laugh AT now.
  18. I forgot about three of these, so lemme quickly try to find and rewatch.
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  19. This bop though

  20. A bit part of the original was the whole cast (Screech aside) being ridiculously good looking. They seem to have kinda faltered on that casting front here.
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