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Saved by the Bell

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Veritaserum, Apr 3, 2016.

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  3. Watching this now and it’ weird.
  4. Weird howso? I mean... I expected it to be weird. Almost like as if it's a late night talk show skit gone too far.
  5. I haven’t watched the reboot yet because I’m still mad Peacock isn’t available on Fire stick and I don’t want to watch it on my phone, but I wanted to clear something up about Lark. When she did that Doctor Oz video, the only people returning were Elizabeth Berkeley and Mario Lopez. They were central to the pitch. Mark-Paul had another tv show so it was written where he and Kelly *could* appear, but the show would be fine if they couldn’t reach a deal. With Lark, obviously there were health issues to consider, but I don’t think she was snubbed and I think Dr Oz as usual was using her for publicity. I’m glad they worked out a deal, but I think as long as her health was permitting they would’ve wanted her back.
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  6. This is getting good reviews (76% in Rotten Tomatoes) and I can't understand it. The trailers look absolutely dreadful.
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  7. Well it’s a weird mix of trying to blend the feeling of the original with being a updated and slightly more edgy version. It kind of works for me though? It does have some really funny moments, I was laughing a lot. It was never going to be better than then original version but I can always go rewatch that if I want.

    Edit: Almost forgot, the new version of the theme song is horrible.
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  8. Josie Totah is such a babe and a total scene stealer. I'm also living for her looks. Serving flawless fashion.
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  9. Just listened to the updated theme song... WHY.
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  10. At first I thought she was going to be annoying but she is one of the best characters.
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  11. I’m really enjoying this. There’s definitely a charm to it.
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  12. The meta and self awareness of the cheesiness that was the original show totally works as does being shot in a single camera format which I was apprehensive about.

    Lexi is the best. Her character development is the best part of the show.

    The OG cast look great too and are integrated well. Mario at least anyway... Loved the Jessie Spano caffeine pills freakout throwback though. Classic. Elizabeth has a bit more to work with which is good.

    I've watched 5 episodes and I'm liking it so far.

    Doesn't take itself seriously which makes it an easy watch.

    It has certain Glee elements about it. When it was satirical.
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  13. I’m shocked at how much I adored this. I plowed through the entire thing in one sitting after having the lowest expectations imaginable. This was equal parts funny and heart-warming. Going the complete self-aware/meta route was such a smart take, acknowledging the cheesiness/flaws of the original series without verging on spoofing it. It made it feel less ‘of its time’ as the original, and more like High School Musical: The Musical: The Series or 30 Rock for teens. The new kids are all delightful and I think they weaved in the old characters seamlessly, making it appeal to youths and those who were youths during the old series. Also, making Zack a villain (especially after the popular ‘Zack is problematic’ video series) and side-stepping his clone son for a far more appealing Latina as the show’s lead is such an inspired choice. This is an ensemble I’m excited to see grow and I was genuinely sad when I reached the end of the season. Can’t recommend this enough.
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  14. I could NOT stop laughing when those two gossip girls in episode 6 were having an actual discussion about who they thought Selena's kidney donor was. I almost choked. It came out of nowhere and it wasn't their first time either.

    Little moments like these are what makes this show actually WORK. Like I said previously, it's reminiscent of the good ol' Glee days. When it was an actual comedy.
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  15. "Oh, sorry, I'm still in character from another conversation." BYE

    Lexi is a stunning and effortlessly hilarious Queen. That's all.
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  16. This show being enjoyable is the biggest shock of 2020.

    Perfectly done.
    Also the Tori reference gave me the cheesiest grin.
  17. Based on ya'lls reviews I may actually give this a go. I actually thought the 90210 reboot was pretty entertaining but I love meta stuff. I'll also watch it for my Showgirls queen Elizabeth. She looks so amazing.
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  18. It’s VERY much in the spirit of the second 90210 reboot, which I also loved.
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  19. We started laughing so hard when they mentioned Tori and Kelly was like “Who?”
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  20. Justice for a promising season 2 and also for So NoTORIous'! Double shame.

    Miss Spelling is an absolute hoot and born for this type of brilliant shtick.
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