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  2. The EP was released last week and it's very good. My fave is "Good Good" and the new single "B.A.N." is pretty sick as well!

  3. She's gotten a lot of press in the last few weeks despite having almost no presence or name recognition. Work that major label cash out
  4. It really pisses me off that Good Good randomly increases in volume for a bit near the end. It'd probably be my favourite on the EP if not for that.
  5. Obsessed with the EP.
    Agua is my jam.
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  6. Yess my two fave tracks getting videos!!
    And she snapped on BAN, looking like a bonafide superstar (and from the promo shoot seems like they scrapped a lot other different scenes).
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  7. This is fucking huge.
  8. It’s her most Iggy-sounding track yet.

    Not a fan of Gerald on that either, but I’m into her getting more success and attention.
  9. Up Now is fucking brilliant. Nobody came to play on that one.

    Playing the EP now for the first time. Her tone really is super reminiscent of Iggy at times. Thankfully the similarities start and end there.
  10. Bop
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  11. Recent interview:

    Zak Abel collaboration:

    David Guetta feature:

  12. This SLAPS.

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  13. Saweetie came through with this one! Love the production switch up. Her songs are always so short though!
  14. Her visuals are really on point 100% of the time, huh

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  15. I like the Game of Thrones inspiration, but they definitely could have made the video interesting.
  16. New EP and it's amazing.

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