Say Lou Lou - Dust, Pt.1 (EP) + "Above Love"

Agreed - it’s more immediate than ‘Waiting For A Boy’ for me. Also makes me want to learn about Wong Kar-wai

The two almost feel like an in between for the two albums, so if there is an album at work, I’m seated.
I like it very much!
And they always deliver in the looks department even though they can't have much of a budget?

But everytime I listen to them I return to Lucid Dreaming, probably one of my all-time-favourite albums. I wish they'd revisit that poppier, grander soundscape.
Also kinda weird that it's so hard to find anything on Addeboy vs Cliff the main producers of that album.
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WAIT who are these people and why have they titled their album after one of the GREATEST directors ever?

Let me check them out.
The question every time I hear a new song and see a new music video is… where and how do they get all this money??
They're nepo babies who live in a nice house in Hollywood Hills, and they also get coins from modelling and acting a la Aly & AJ. I mean, two gorgeous Swedish girls... they're not gonna be struggling artistes.