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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SeaWitch, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. SeaWitch

    SeaWitch Guest

    Just watched the first two episodes of this finally... and I love it. Olivia Pope is HBIC.
  2. It's good, but way over-done.
  3. SeaWitch

    SeaWitch Guest

    I disagree. I think it's just right in everything, perfectly shot and beautifully written. Just watched the third and fourth episodes, and they were so great. The dictator stuff was tragic but amazing.
  4. SeaWitch

    SeaWitch Guest

    Into Season 2 now... this show gets better and better. Olivia 4 Fitz!
  5. Kerry Washington is one fantastic actress. And so beautiful too.

    I've been addicted to this show for some time and it really is brilliant, so glad it got picked up for a longer 2nd season. I got through the entire series so quickly. Obviously, I don't want to spoil anything for anyone, but the episode of Fitz' birthday party and the very last episode have the best cliffhangers.
  6. Best show on TV.
  7. I watched season 2 in June and I've come to the conclusion that Kerry Washington is fantastic, and I love the cinematography. I'm still not 100% sure how I feel about the show itself.
  8. SeaWitch

    SeaWitch Guest

    The last few episodes of the first half of Season 2.... WAHHHH. Fitz!!! I mean, he's a wanker, but isn't everybody on this show? Abby needs to die, as do David & Cyrus's husband. I can't believe Queen Verna traded Huck in to keep her seat! Queen no more.
  9. Someboy

    Someboy Moderator

    It's definitely the most fun, but I don't know if I can make the leap to 'best'.
  10. SeaWitch

    SeaWitch Guest

    Only got 7 episodes left of the season. Fitz is irredeemable at this point, and I'm so over him having anything to do with Olivia. Verna's dead; which I'm still bitter about. Mellie threw Cy under the bus and fell a few storeys from my estimations. I like Abby now, David is spare change, Harrison & Quinn are the best and (obviously) Olivia is the queen of all things.
  11. Watching Season 2 Episode 9 now. Damn. I see the show's appeal. They should do a cross-over episode with "The Good Wife".
  12. I sat down last night to watch and the fucker has finished for the season.

    Ruined my night.

    Does anyone know Season 3 is starting again in the UK???
  13. It was such an abrupt ending, I had no idea it was the season finale either!
  14. Not soon enough! I'm assuming More4 plan to show The Good Wife and Nashville from January, so it may not begin until they finish their runs in early summer.

    Season 3 has been cut to 18 episodes due to Kerry Washington's pregnancy.
  15. BML


    My mom made me watch this with her on TV over Thanksgiving and got me interested. I finally started it from the beginning the other day and I am hooked now!
  16. Absolutely love this show - I've ploughed through season 1 and 2, just starting Season 3 now. It's completely exciting and addictive, and falls on just the right side of OTT. The chemistry between Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn is incredible, seriously intense. So glad to hear it's going from strength to strength in the US, shame it's not so popular on this side of the pond.
  17. The actor who plays Cyrus is ruining this show for me.
  18. Downloaded Season 1 and 2. Need to start watching!
  19. You're in for a treat - Season 1 is good (but quite short at about 7 episodes). Season 2 is electrifying, seriously fantastic TV.

    Sadly Season 3 so far has been a bit of a disappointment but I'm hoping it redeems itself. It's a really great show.
  20. Season 2 > Season 3 but I need more Momma Pope!
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