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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SeaWitch, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. The next episode is being billed as "The intervention we've all been waiting for".

    The only intervention this show needs is good writing.
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  2. I dunno, a catastrophic earthquake might help.
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  3. My problem is they constantly have moments/episodes that feel like a return to form, but then they squander every aspect of it by the next week. I should've checked out after Season 3, but here we are; I'm just so glad we're at the end.
  4. I'm (slowly) catching up with the series. I enjoyed the first season, but from Season 2 onwards it's been very difficult to stay invested. I enjoy the fixers and the secondary characters storylines, but the over arching storyline of Fitz and Olivia annoys me. It seems every episode leads back to a will-they-won't-they scenario and it's tiring! Do they ever get together properly? If not, does it ever stop?
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  5. It gets worse. Like really bad. Virtually unwatchable. To the point where the show killed Fitz and Olivia for me (although I have never been vested in them getting together).

    The show morphed into something else with Olivia's kidnapping and I agree with @Mike, the show lost its way at this point. The show has done everything it could to make Olivia unlikable and have her go over the edge and have her corrupted. The show got away from what a lot of viewers liked: Olivia, in charge, along with the gladiators, solving cases, fixing things. I miss those secondary stories/cases. I can't even remember the last one they solved.

    I think it's been more interesting to watch Mellie struggle with power and corruption than Olivia. Maybe it's because I think Bellamy Young is a better actress than Kerry Washington (and I don't mean that disrespectfully to Kerry because I think she's fine) but I find Bellamy is much better at playing that struggle between good and bad, and she makes Mellie worth rooting for even when she does something unlikable. But I also think the writing has been better for Mellie than it has been for Olivia.
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  6. Oh dear. I guess I'll plod along like I am but certainly won't make a conscious effort to make time to watch it.
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  7. Mellie's arc has been amazing. Started as a second tier villain and is probably now one of the few moral people left.
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  8. Mellie is the only reason to watch this god-forsaken show.
  9. What a strange episode.

    Quinn to Charlie: "Yeah, I let you think I'm dead. So what if you went to my funeral. Get over it and just enjoy me and Papa Pope sing "Baby... One More Time."

    Fitz having Olivia held hostage. Um, how is this different from their typical relationship?
  10. I love the live performance of Baby One More Time!
  11. I stopped watching a handful of episodes into season 4 and have never looked back. I'm... not shocked to see that it has remained shit. I actually thought the first season was crap but loved the second: it was over-the-top, sexy, silly, fun. After that the show started taking itself way too seriously and it seemed like Shonda suddenly thought she was writing a version of Alias rather than Scandal. Every single character was blackmailing someone, killing someone, or killing someone that had blackmailed them, but the writing stopped being strong enough to make them likeable in spite of their misdeeds. It took all the fun out of watching when the show lost the ability to wink at the audience as it embraced its insanity.

    I seriously couldn't stand another episode of Olivia pining after two murderers and I certainly couldn't listen to one more goddamn speech from her father. B16 destroyed what could have still been a fun guilty pleasure with occasional moments of genuine greatness.
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  12. I hate this show, but I am loving the interplay between Kerry and Viola.
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  13. It was okay. How to Get Away's episode was much better. But it was cool to see both cast together.
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  14. I'm finally catching up with this show. I always wait until every episode of a season is out to binge watch, but for some reason I put off season 6 for ages, I only started yesterday.

    It's such a guilty pleasure. Part of me doesn't like the show, I feel like it's always the same mistakes and twists every other episode, and they scream so much... but I feel kind of invested. And I love cliff hangers which this show abuses to no end... I'm glad it's ending soon though.
  15. I hate Shondaland for making me watch Episode 12 of Scandal just to ensure that this crossover makes sense.
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  16. Viola acted Kerry off the table, out the door and across the street.
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  17. I swear I'm either going to die from a seizure over the photo shutter effect or go deaf from Eli's shouting before this show comes to an end.

    The fact they just go through monologues every other second to make dramatic moments is so tired by now, it's insane.
  18. I started watching this recently and wow I’m half way through season 3 and it’s such a drag.

    Please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks Huck is terrible? The acting or writing? I haven’t seen the guy who plays him in anything else so unsure.

    The problem I’m having is most of the characters are awful, I mean Quinn season 1 and 3 are so completely different people.
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  19. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    I watched the first 2 seasons but just...stopped being interested. The main thing I remember ddddd is the guy who plays the president is way more sexy than he should be.
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  20. Did you see him walking around shirtless yet?
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